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Fellow Campus Socialites, I declare today that I have found something that will revolutionize the education of our fellow peers.  I follow the news, I like to know what is going on in the business world and in finance, I know basic politics, I am a big sports fan, and I have been known to check out Page 6 in the Post (Celebrity Gossip).  The ways I usually get my news these days are through social media and the various blogs that are niched to my interests.  And like I said before, I’ll skim the NY Post.  But with all of these various news outlets, very rarely will I sit back and actually watch the news on TV.  Well, until I saw Naked News!

On YouTube they don’t show the full nudes but go check out for a preview of what Naked News has to offer.  Do not let these video’s fool you, the girls are fully naked doing the news, fully naked while interviewing celebrities, and somehow can make listening to an update about war and politics leaving you with a full stiffy.

If you sign up for Naked News, it will cost some money, or you can just watch them strip mostly down for free.

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