The Order: 1886 takes place in an alternate version of London, blending fantasy and horror elements with history and its myths.

The Graphics

The graphics of The Order: 1886 are strong, showing off what the new generation of consoles can do. The game beautifully showcases London, showing both the city’s slums and the wealth built on top of them. The environment is filled with detail that you will find yourself looking at as you progress through the game. London is shown as dark and the gloomy weather associated with the city is ever present, and it looks beautiful.

The characters also showcase the beautiful graphics that the new generation of consoles can work with. They are textured and realistic, rivaling that of animated movies being released in theaters.

History with a Twist

This is a game that takes place in historical London, and so it is only natural that actual historical people make an appearance. However since this a fantasy London, the historical characters come with their own twists. One historical person you will run into is Nikola Tesla. In the real world he is known for his work with electricity, like creating the first alternating current motor. However in The Order: 1886 he is the man in charge of creating the weapons for The Order. You will also find yourself dealing with the well known East India Trading Company, and come across stories that you will recognize as belonging to the famed serial killer Jack the Ripper. Along with these historical figures and company you have The Order, which in the game is what the Knights of the Round Table would have been if they were in victorian era London.

The Werewolves

The werewolves–also known as lycans–in The Order: 1886 are the most dangerous of the enemies you will face. Their fighting style is hit-and-run, and because of this their attacks are more unpredictable than the humans you also fight. They also look great, with their mixture of wolf and human features that can make them look like the terrifying monsters they are.

The Technology

The Order: 1886 may take place in London in the year 1886, but it is not what the real London was like in 1886, yet it still manages to feel plausible. The Order: 1886 has a large steampunk influence, evidenced by the airships flying above the city and wireless technology that seems right at home despite the fact neither existed in the actual London of 1886. The weapons also have a feel of steampunk technology that would still feel completely normal to be seeing in Victorian era London, like a crossbow, or a gun that uses induction coils for power.

The Order: 1886 is historical fiction game with a fantasy and steampunk twist, and yet still manages to feel like London. It is a game with a beautiful world and a terrifying enemy and that manages to blend its fictional technology with its world seamlessly.

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