The People People Invisible Speaker: High Quality Sound That Won’t Clash With Your Scarface Poster


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Guys tend to think getting a girl back to their room (and past that awkward hanging out in the doorway phase) is the hardest part of getting it in. This may be true, but you have no idea how much the aesthetics of your room can mean the difference between an unenthusiastic kiss on the cheek and all other possibilities. You spent all the time painting your walls, plastering them with posters of chicks making out, putting together all that Ikea furniture. Why compromise your vibe with a big, ugly mount when you can go practically invisible? People People is the chameleon of speaker systems.

people people speaker

I’ve been writing a lot about speakers lately, and I apologize for that, but it seems to me to be one of the few industries that seems to one-up itself with each passing week. Loud bassy speakers, super compact speakers, high-quality portable speaker docks. All that is fine and good, but with the new realm of college music – House, Dubstep – you need a real system in your digs, and just as important, one that fits snugly into your lifestyle and your image. And what fits better than something that is practically transparent?

speaker antenna

People People  speakers are high quality, eco-friendly and are as easy to assemble as said Ikea furniture. As far as wires go, it definitely has them, but it also comes with a tiny little Wi-Fi antenna, one that hooks up to your computer, your iPod, or your smart phone. Sure beats that iHome you spent $150 on. The one that makes you physically pick the song while your iPod is plugged in. No word on the exact sound specs yet, but as you can see from the pictures, they’re big enough to make a huge splash, and incase I haven’t stressed it enough, stylishly transparent enough not to compromise the look of whatever wall you mount it to. Or floor you lay it on.

Production hasn’t actually started yet on the speakers, so I can’t tell you where to buy them or even how much money they would cost you. You can however click on the name People People  anywhere in this article and find out more information or drop them an e-mail to express your interest. Anything to expedite the process, because I’m ordering one of these the second they drop.

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