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I never understand how college students can hate camping. I’m sure it’s no fun when you’re with mom and dad, but imagine how fun it’ll be when you’re with friends, no supervision and tons of alcohol. Camping is such an easy, fun and cheap getaway for a couple of nights to have pure drunken fun.  Although there is an endless list of advantageous to choosing a camping trip as your vacation, here are my top three.

The Cost

Renting a camp site for a couple of days is extremely cheap. The most expensive and exclusive sites run about $50-60/day, but if you bring at least four or five people then you’re each paying about ten dollar a day. Instead of going to a privately owned campsite, you can also rent a spot in a state park for much less.  You can also find a site that provides a picnic table, electrical outlets and a water hookup. As long as you have your own equipment or can borrow things like a tent and chairs from your parents then you’re good to go. After your necessities are supplied, the only other thing you need to worry about is food, which I usually just bring chips, burgers/hotdogs, stuff to make sandwiches, and maybe some fruits, and veggies, all of which are inexpensive if everyone splits it. Truthfully, the most expensive thing you are going to need is alcohol and any drugs you want for the weekend. It depends on how crazy you plan on getting and how many people come, but we usually bring at least three or four 30s and a few handles of our favorite liquor.


Possible Adventures

My favorite part of camping is the ridiculous adventures you can get into. Last summer my friends and I went camping a few times and each time we had some crazy adventures. If you choose a campground near a lake or river then you’ll have instant entertainment. You can rent a boat, go swimming, or be a little more adventurous and find some cliffs to do flips off of. There are even some campsites on the Delaware River where you can pay $20 a day and they will set up a canoe trip for you or you can bring your own tubs and raft down the river, but don’t forget to bring an extra raft for your cooler because beer is a must. You can also find a campground that is near a beach or some kind of day activity like a concert or fair to give you something fun to do for the day. On top of all the shit you can do outside during the day, nighttime is even better once you build a huge fire, make s’mores and blast music. You can even opt to go night swimming, smoke around the fire, or find other chill campers to hang out with. Trust me, everything is fun when you are completely fucked up in the woods.


Freedom and Privacy

One of the greatest things about camping is that no one really gives a fuck what you do. As long as you pay for your site and keep some of it on the DL, no one is going to give you any trouble. I wouldn’t suggest smoking a fat blunt in front of a little kid walking by, but everyone pretty much minds their own business. You can also look for sites with more secluded spots and even request to reserve one deep into the woods. Your site privacy also depends on what kind of campsite it is; some are built throughout the woods so you have a lot of privacy while others are more like fields so there is less tree cover. All you need to do is research sites by you and find out what they look like.

Most people think camping is boring, but when there’s no way a bunch of college students with drinks and drugs can’t have fun in a secluded spot.


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