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I know I am not alone when I say that most girls like the idea of having good guy friends. Not only do they offer different perspectives (it can be nice to have a man’s input once in a while), but they also provide a sometimes necessary break from a big group of girls. However, it seems that movies have desensitized us to such boy-girl relationships. We either hear the romantic stories of girl and guy friends falling in love and living happily ever after, a quick shout-out to 13 Going On 30 here, or the horror stories of one friend having feelings that aren’t reciprocated by the other, think My Best Friend’s Wedding (Obviously, not a horror story, but you see what I am getting at). Well, what about the in-between? Can guys and girls really ever just be friends? Or is the sexual tension that exists between us too difficult to ignore? The truth of the matter is, a friendship is possible. However, considering just one simple word-slip entirely changes a platonic relationship to a romantic one, you have to be cautious.  So, the question now becomes how exactly do we keep our guy-friends from becoming our boyfriends?

If you are the flirtatious type, and most divas are, it may be a bit more challenging to keep your guy focused on the friend zone. Laugh a little extra hard at one of his jokes, suggestively touch his arm one time too many, and next thing you know, you are no longer contributing to the dinner bill, and your usual friendly banter has become a tad more sexual. Don’t get me wrong, a bit of harmless flirting is completely acceptable, after-all how much fun could any friendship be without a little of that?  But be forewarned, if instead of playfully flirting back, he’s becoming nervous or even flustered, it may be time to bring it down a notch.

Also, don’t be afraid to mention other guys in front of him. As your friend he may be interested in being clued in to that part of your life. He will also be aware that you are not interested in him as anything more than a friend. But also be prepared, if you are sharing your sex-capades, he will most definitely be divulging his as well. Maybe not the best conversation to have over lunch.

Another thing to remember, once we have completely embraced the friendship zone, sometimes we get so close to our guys, we almost forget they are in fact boys. We can’t treat them exactly the same as we would one of our girlfriends. Waiting as you try on every outfit in the store is not going to be very thrilling for him, unless of course you are planning on inviting him into the dressing room. And since we know that’s not the case, save the shopping trips at the mall for your best girl friends, and maybe see a baseball game or go to a mutual favorite band’s concert with your closest guy.

So what’s the bottom-line? Forget those stereotyped, movie-like, boy-girl friendships, because guys and girls can be just friends. And what better friend is there for a Campus Diva than a Campus Socialite?

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