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By Tony Peralez

In the past few weeks I had been incredibly busy with the ever-so-successful Campus Socialite Party. With more attention focused on the event my music musings have suffered as of late. Luckily, I have been handed down some great material from Dan Birnbaum himself, my Creative Director, from the great state of New York to get the ball rolling again. With 1 part punk, ½ part dub, and all parts reggae, welcome to the world that is The Roast Beef Curtains.

Deluging melodical kisses from tones that dance with reggae roots, The RBC is an incredibly infectious sound. I’m pretty critical of reggae mainly because I’m not its biggest fan. That being said, the things I listen to in the genre are pretty selective. I pride myself on mentioning nothing but greatness in the category: Sublime, Bob, Ziggy, and who could forget Rebelution.

The above are all nothing less than reggae staples and can be officially approved of with no question. Now, I was fairly skeptical of these guys from Hofstra, New York, but one needent be so paranoid.

With a nice whip on the guitar, bass that keeps you rhythmically hypnotized, and vocals that support the music more so than the music supporting the vocals, The RBC is worth a good listen.

The integral piece of this band that separates them from most others is their commitment to implementing dub in their sounds. Dub means that their music is complemented with a an electronic feel to their, warping and experimenting with them to create a groovier feel in their solos, percussion, and an overall trippy eargasmic engagement to anything they choose.

Not only is this done in the studio, but The RBC does this live. With only three members, Guitarist and lead vocalist Andrew Gedacht, bassist and backing vocals John Carey, and drummer Mike Celano; this band slows down their music, creates echoes, and develops a sound that you cannot only hear, but that you can feel and even somewhat see to an extent. It’s not that easy to do or commit to, especially if you’re already playing an instrument and providing vocals.

A good reggae band can create these sounds, but a great reggae band can take the sounds it makes and folds you in a blanket of senses that allow you to breathe in an intimate sensation of musical euphoria. With this group only being together since ‘05, The RBC has found a way to reach their audience with just this type of success.

So there you have it, another band in the books my dear readers. You can check out The Roast Beef Curtains on their Myspace, Facebook, and The Roast Beef You can find a list of their tour dates and venues on any of the three links. The RBC will also be playing at this year’s Banaroo Festival at the Café Where Stage June 12th from 2:30 to 3:30.

Thanks for reading my friends and continue to follow our music mentions. We appreciate the support here at The Campus Socialite and look forward to providing more fantastic music recommendations for all of our dedicated fans. If you ever have recommendations or would like to see one of your favorite bands followed up on by Big Boss and the rest of us here at The CS, comment or write me at

Anything passed on to us is worth a good look so I’ll be excited to hear from you all! Peace and continue to enjoy the summer.

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