The Campus Socialite New Year's Resolution List (Add Yours!)

By: Dan Birnbaum

Thanksgiving’s gone, 2010 here we come. Doesn’t college fly by?  You are probably been asking yourself by now: where did the semester go?  No, you have not been studying, in fact the only studying you have done is focusing intently on the pair of breasts in front of you in class and that doesn’t really count. You have been partying your ass off, some of you have been dipping in the drug pool, others are caught in the midst of relationships and I am sure many more of you are involved in some form of debauchery that is so elaborate I cannot even put it into text form.  Senior socialites, I bet you are probably saying to yourself by now “I can’t believe there is only one more semester left.” As the unique band, The Gorrillaz, puts it, “Tomorrow Comes Today.”  Time flies when you’re having fun and with all the fun that has been going on in your college lives there are some dirty little things that I am sure you can improve upon for this upcoming New Year.

So, with that in mind, share with us a personal, serious or funny New Year’s resolution. The Campus Socialite has already started thinking about our 2010 resolutions and we are interested in yours, see below and let us in on some of your New Years Resolution Secrets:

The Campus Socialites New Year’s Resolution List:

Study at Least 2 Days Ahead of Time For My Exams

Lose My Freshman 15

Start Hitting Bongs Instead of Smoking Blunts (Good For the Lungs And the Soul)

Start Going to the Gym

Start Using Condoms

Incase You Forgot Here’s How:

Stop Blacking Out or At Least Try to Cut Down On Binge Drinking

Try to Quit Smoking (Cigarettes)

Start Getting Tested For STD’s

Wear Less Hair Gel

Stop Going High To Class

Improve My Bounce In Beer Pong

Join An Extracurricular Organization

Write For The Campus Socialite

Whatever it is, we all have our skeletons in our closets, especially when we are in college. After all, college is the time to experience new things, learn about yourself, make our independence known and along the way make a few mistakes here and there.  But with great power, comes great responsibility (thank you Peter Parker). So whether you are an outgoing senior or an incoming freshman and have not even begun the college experience, start to think about how you will improve your 2010.  For the veterans, start to think about your last semester and how you want to go out with a bang!  And for the in between people, start thinking about the rest of your college career, whether it be 1, 2 or 3 years remaining.  There’s a lot to reflect on and what better way to make it known than to share with your fellow socialites?

Leave us a Resolution along with a link to a picture that associates with it and we will give you a shout out on 2010 Campus Socialite Resolution List.

Your Resolutions:

From Haley: Stop Making Myself Throw Up

From Dana: Start Telling Them I Have Herpes 🙂

From Jessie: Stop Molesting Kids (Attention! Do Not Sell Candy to Jessie)

From Andy: Stop Having Sex On My Roommates Bed

From Big Glee Fan: Be More Manly

From Lauren: Get a Boyfriend (Some Helpful Tips)

From Merrick: Get Blasted and Wake Up At Babylon

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