The Tampa Bay Rays Just Named Dubstep DJ Kitty Their Mascot

 dj kitty

Remember Dubstep DJ Kitty, the internet video that stopped going viral almost two years ago? He’s back, but this time it’s not just a remix video. Someone at Tampa Bay Rays headquarters actually decided that they couldn’t come up with a better idea and that DJ Kitty was officially their new mascot. You know, because he was wearing that adorable Rays jersey in the video, so of course it makes sense.


The Rays, one of Baseball’s younger teams, might be trying to appeal to the younger fans of Florida while their ex-New Yorker, Yankee fan parents die off. A state that only exists so Americans don’t have to wear coats is not as capable of developing a geo-targeted following as the Mets might have been in the early 60’s. The Rays almost won a World Series a few years back and people still wouldn’t pay the $20 to catch a game.

dj kitty

Management’s solution: “Pull something or other off that new fangled internet business. How bout that cat wearing The Rays jersey? Only two-years old? Perfect!” Not perfect Mr. executive.  Two years in internet time is practically a millennia. But that’s ok. We’ll give you the benefit of the doubt and assume you’re trying to just do right by the kiddies. Besides, who couldn’t love a Cat wearing a Rays hat and gold chains. And some Dubstep.