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By: Brandon Wolfson

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Video games can be frustrating enough that they make even the most expert gamer want to pull their hair out; this anger is only heightened by having to take out an irritating bad guy at the end of the game.  Take a look at my list of shitty villains from the gaming world…

10) Seth – Street Fighter 4

What makes this generic looking prick so annoying is not his difficulty. He is cake walk compared to the SNK bosses. Seth is lame, has predictable moves and is just boring to fight in general. M.Bison and Akuma are a lot cooler than this douche.

9) Two P and J – Final Fight

Remember these two palette swiped punks that would trap you in their punch with no escape? Yea. I hate those guys too. More annoying than the Andores.

8) The Hunters – Resident Evil

Remember in Resident Evil when you would clear the mansion of all of the zombies halfway through the game and you would also be low on ammo, green herbs and health spray because of the battles with the giant snake, zombie dogs and zombies? These green fucks would hide behind a corner and decapitate you out of nowhere leaving you to restart your game an hour from where you got killed because you don’t want to use up your ink ribbons. Bastards.

7) Phanto – Super Mario Brothers 2

This guy is the fellow that would stalk you when the game would make you get a key. Stalking enemies are one of the most annoying things in games and this dick is no exception.

6) Fire Leo – Viewtiful Joe

The game seems like it takes a steep difficulty curve when you come across the Fire Leo. I know plenty of people that had to quit playing the game because they could not figure out his pattern. Also you have to fight him multiple times on the final level.

5) Flying Enemies in Old School games – Castlevania, Megaman, Ghosts and Goblins etc

This is a hate message to all of the enemies that knock me off of ledges when I try and make a platform jump. I am talking bats, Medusa heads, bird type enemies that just fly into you for the mere purpose because the game is demanding you to jump to a platform. Fuck those enemies. I had to quit Ninja Gaiden because of those damn birds.

4) Ghost Fish – Ninja Gaiden Sigma/Black/2

This is a case where the enemies swarm on you in hordes, stick to you and will drain your health to zero if you don’t use your fire nimpo. These things really got on my nerves in Ninja Garden 2 when you fight the giant flying fish boss.

3) Head Crabs – Half Life

In a game where the main attack is shooting, what is more of a pain in the ass than trying to shoot something that is small and takes off an obnoxious amount of health? Nothing.

2) Bosses that have too many Minions – Ninja Gaiden, Final Fantasy, Beat ’em Up games.

These are the types of annoying boss enemies that have loads of HP, strong and have annoying minions that keep on respawning till their boss is dead. This usually makes the battle drag on for far too long and is generally a pain in the ass at times.

1) Bosses that Self Heal – SF3, Final Fantasy etc

There is nothing more annoying in video games than a powerful boss that can recharge his health bar. Seriously, I have just had a war with you and lost almost all of my health on a equal playing field and you are going to be cheap and heal yourself? Well Ill just kick your ass again.

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