The Top 5 Jeremy Lin Cover Songs Of 2012


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Things have certainly cooled down a little bit in NYC. At least as far as Linsanity is concerned. Sure, Lin is still playing some serious point guard, but with Melo back and some new additions, Jeremy is looking more like the second coming of Ron Harper than Michael Jordan. The guy that brings it all together.

jeremy lin

Besides an actual winning Knicks record, and the the phrase “Super Lintendo,” the best thing to come out of Jeremy Lin are none other than the viral Jeremy Lin cover songs. Just type “Lin Cover Song” into Youtube and you will be treated to about 50. As we all know however, YouTube accounts don’t require talent, but lucky for you, we sifted through the bullshit and are bringing you the 5 best Lin Cover Songs of 2012. The only ones you need to know about.

5. Jeremy Lin and Madonna: Like a Virgin Parody (iwantmylauren)


4. Lin On Me – The NOC (NOC)


3. J Ritz – Linsanity (PantsVelour)


2. All I Do Is Lin ( )


1. Always Linning (PantsVelour)



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