The Truth Behind Your Favorite Fast Food Treats

By: Ann Redus (UTSA)

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I’ve never really been into fast food, but when I do eat fast food I always try to get something that I feel is somewhat healthy. If I’m choosing between a cheeseburger Happy Meal and a chicken nugget Happy Meal, I always go with the chicken. I just feel like chicken is better for me, ya know? Well, unfortunately, I was wrong. Not saying that the cheeseburger is any better than chicken nuggets, but when I found out what kind of stuff goes into a chicken McNugget I was shocked. I was checking my email this morning and found an article on Yahoo! from Men’s Health about some of the ingredients that go into American’s favorite fast food items. I’m here to enlighten and spread the word so you know exactly what you’re eating when you consume those “chicken” nuggets, among other things. 

McDonald’s Chicken McNugget:
You would think that a chicken McNugget would be a piece of real chicken, breaded, and fried. WRONG. The “meat” alone contains 7 different ingredients, which were developed in some secret laboratory to give you the taste of chicken. That crispy breading, yeah… it’s made of up 20 different ingredients. So far McDonald’s chicken McNuggets contain 27 different ingredients. Luckily, McDonald’s is my nugget fast food restaurant of choice because Wendy’s nuggets contain 30 ingredients and Burger King’s chicken fries top our list with 35 different ingredients. Looks like McDonald’s isn’t TOO bad after all.

Wendy’s Frosty:
Summer’s coming up and millions of people around the country will be stopping by their local Wendy’s to grab a Frosty to escape the heat. But wait… let’s think about what it takes to make a milkshake. Ice cream and milk, right? Well, Wendy’s decided to add a little extra somethin’ to your favorite milkshake. A little extra something meaning 14 extra ingredients. No thanks. Their Coffee Toffee Twisted Frosty contains high fructose corn syrup and a laxative chemical along with many others for a grand total of 35 ingredients.

I never jumped on the salami wagon, but I know guys that love that stuff, and it’s freaking sick. Restaurants like Subway serve this meaty concoction to people all day long, but I would think twice. Salami contains a plethora of leftovers of cows and pigs, which include the muscles off the bone so not a thing goes to waste. After that, it’s processed with lactic acid, which is a waste product made by the bacteria in meat.  Again, freaking sick. All in all, salami contains 15 different ingredients.

Fast food should always be your last option, but I guess an apple never sounds good when you’re wasted. Think twice before you consume!

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