In honor of the United States’ achievement in finally taking out Osama Bin Laden,  The Campus Socialite has come up with a playlist to celebrate America in all its glory. Maybe it’ll be the inspiration you need to start a riot, maybe it’ll be perfect music to sit on your porch and drink a beer to, but regardless it’ll make you feel even more proud to be an America.

Born in the U.S.A- Bruce Springsteen

This song is all about war so it seems only fitting to be on this playlist. Bruce Springsteen is America. He is the everyday man and this song is about the struggles of the American man. This is that perfect song to sit outside on your porch and appreciate this country you live in…with a beer in hand of course.

Real American- Hulk Hogan’s Theme Song

If you grew up watching wrestling like I did, than you know that Hulk Hogan was the wrestling version of America. He is a “real American” after all. Besides his bright yellow jumpsuits, he was usually sporting an American flag. Though he obviously doesn’t wrestle anymore, this song will be forever associated with him by his loyal Hulkamaniacs. This is the song that you whip out all your America themed clothing/towels/bandannas/etc. for.

America Fuck Yeah – Team America

I’m pretty sure the title of this song says it all. Whoever thought a movie about puppets saving the world would create such an anthem? At the end of any status about Bin Laden being dead besides #winning, there was America FUCK YEAH! The song lists off all of the wonderful things America has over other counties and why we are winning. It’s the perfect song to listen to when you’re feeling the need to cheer and celebrate being an American.


American Ride- Toby Keith

America is the only country where the rednecks really live free, so a country song or two is needed for any playlist celebrating the U.S.A.  Also, I’m a sucker for a catchy chorus that has a few words and lots of na na’s that I can remember while drunk. I probably could have put any country song on this playlist because where else do people sing about riding along on their tractors and drinking beer? Just in America, folks.


Party in the U.S.A.- Miley Cyrus

On my way back from the riots at my school (yeah UMass riots for America), this song came on. My friends turned it up all the way, rolled the windows down, and sang our hearts out. But we didn’t sing just to sing, we sang for America. Cruising down University Drive blasting Miley Cyrus inspired others on the sidewalks to sing along, fist pump, and just cheer for our country. Though I realize it doesn’t exactly fit in with the other songs on the list, U.S.A. is still in the title of the song, and therefore works here.

Obviously if you want to continue this party playlist, toss in some classics like the National Anthem. If you’re still going strong after that you can never fail with a U.S.A. cheer!

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