The Wait for Super Mario Galaxy 2 Continues

By: David Kaplan, The Campus Gamer

Hey everyone. Campus Gamer dropping in to remind you of how stoked I am for Super Mario Galaxy 2, which comes out for the Wii May 23, 2010. Continuing the celebration for this game winning the number one spot for my top games of May, here is some info on another new feature in the game.

I introduce to you, Cloud Suit Mario!

Those happy little cloud guys have been in Mario games since the beginning. Floating around all happy in the background as you made your way through the mushroom kingdom. Even aiding the enemy as annoying Lakitu would try and throw a spike shell on your head.

This time around, you finally get to make the little cloud guy work for you. Just find a cloud mushroom on your level and you wield the power to make your own platforms. Three mini clouds follow you around and a shake of the Wii remote will turn one of them into a giant platform for you to jump on or off of. This will help you get those hard to reach stars and secrets that would otherwise be impossible to get. The trick is that after you use all three clouds, your power runs out until you find another mushroom to give you the power up so use your cloud making skill wisely.

Check out some cool game play footage including the Cloud Suit Mario power up here:

Stay tuned over the next few weeks for more sneak peaks and a full review once the game is dropped May 23rd