By: Eloy Yndigoyen

Imagine yourself sitting at your Mac Book or checking out your iPhone/Blackberry every hour and continuously seeing your investment account go up and up and up. Well this would have been you had put some dough into or Apple (Ticker Symbol: AAPL) back at the beginning of this year. Here’s an example for you:

A $1,000 investment in Apple on January 2, 2009 would be worth $2,254 as of November 23. Talk about a nice return on your investment, that’s roughly 125%!!

Now, why did I choose Apple you may ask? Well, go to the library and look around (relax I’m not telling you to study), walk through your dorm or hit up the gym and just look at what people are using. Yup, they’re using iPods, MacBooks, iPhone’s, iEVERYTHING!!! Apple is an incredibly well managed company (Steve Jobs and a few friends started it in there garage during there early years) that produces superior products that everyone wants no matter how much they cost.

Apple is just one example of discovering a company which is public (meaning you can buy there stock from your online brokerage account) that you can find information about and see it is popular and will continue to grow, therefore making you more $$$.

Think of your portfolio like your fantasy football team. You analyze players and coaches before you draft your team and then during the year as injuries and trades come up; you evaluate your options and then take action. Investing is no different, finding a company (player or coach) you want to put your money into after you do your research (checking over previous performance.) And the final step, taking action, or buying the stock and watching it go up, up and up until you pull the trigger and take your profits.

Both investing and fantasy football involve doing your homework, perfecting the process, knowing when to sell (or trade) and well of course; good old fashion luck!

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