This Coffee Table Has Gone Secret Compartments Crazy


coffee table

There’s nothing police like better than turning a Frat house or just your place with your boys in search of whatever. Probable cause? You’re a college student, what more do they need? Those little stash containers that looks like soda cans and even get cold in your fridge were a good idea at the start, but they’re onto you at this point, and so is your girlfriend, because if she just so happened to be looking for a stash of celebrity Playboy Mags in mint condition, under your bed was the first place she looked. Time to keep your secret shit more secret, and it’s lucky for you that a couple of Japanese designers did all the creative work for you.

coffee table

Just looking at a picture of this thing, I see about 9 secret compartments capable of storing whatever you need them to, provided it’s not bigger than a coffee table. It’s called the Kai Table and it’s designed by by Naoki Hirakoso and Takmitsu Kitahara, two guys who must have a lot of shit the general public wouldn’t think too kindly of. Like everything Japan does, this coffee table takes a relatively basic concept with a relatively basic purpose and violently heaves it off the cliff of redundancy and nonsense. We gotta give it to them though because this thing is not only a work of art, its uses are endless.

coffee table

The one issue I foresee is that the breaks in material between compartments are pretty obvious. With all the lines on this thing, it practically looks like its own design blueprint. Not very secret for someone looking too hard, definitely not for a cop. Odds are if you had this in your living room, you’d be showing people what all the lines are about way more than you’d be concealing your Little League trophies that you just couldn’t bear to leave at home. But hey, nothing a well-placed tapestry couldn’t cure. You can eat and rest your beers all over Jim Morrison’s face and little will anyone know what lies beneath. Not that they’d want to.


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