Think back to when you were a kid, playing it safe was easy. It was the kids who thought outside the box who got the most attention for their costumes. Yeah, your mom brought in taffy apples, but that didn’t matter to the other kids, although later they did devour them. Once you’re in college Halloween is no longer about the candy, but it’s still all about the costume. I’m not talking about the packaged costumes you can find at any store, the creative costumes that make people go WTF?

In the last few years I’ve seen people be everything from iPods to cookie monster. There is just something about homemade costumes that make Halloween what it is. Maybe because that’s how we were brought up as kids, but I know during the month of October thrift stores have to be thriving.

Speaking of thrift stores it’s a process that you have to go through to find the right thing. It’s really tedious to look through all the piles and racks of clothing, but in the end you’ll be happy you did.  Since you’re making your costumes it wouldn’t hurt to check out the craft stores like Hobby Lobby, because they may have just what you’re looking for. Homemade costumes take time, patience, and a group to help when the going gets tough.

The best costumes come in groups. Try getting a group of friends together and be the cast of your favorite show, or better yet try being Mario Kart characters.  Most of the homemade costumes have been done before, but each year is a chance to prove you can do it better.

Now go start making that lady gaga costume that will be twice as good as the girl… or guy standing next to you.

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