This is Your Brain on Intravenous THC (Video)

thc reporter

Socialites, drop the blunt and get ready for another lesson in Marijuanaology. We all know that smoking pot makes us find Family Guy funny, eat every Hostess pastry we can get our hands on, and give us the un-natural ability to  play Call of Duty for a consecutive 3 hours, but why does it do those things? The answer is a little chemical compound called Tetrahydrocannabinol, or as your pot dealer with the fish tanks calls it, THC. The cute little white crystals all over your buds contain tons of it, and breathing in it’s fumes is what gets you stoned. The question is, if it’s all in the crystals, why are you going to all this trouble to smoke it off a burning plant? What would happen if you had concentrated THC directly injected into your body. Lucky for us, a BBC reporter was just as curious, and we have video evidence of her adventure. Check out the video after the jump, and get ready to laugh like your high. As a matter of fact, go take a couple of bong rips first. Enjoy…

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