This Mildly Attractive Girl Will Be Your Facebook Girlfriend for $5

facebook girl


Surprisingly enough, being in a relationship on Facebook is one of the biggest chick magnets money can (apparently) buy. Girls like a guy with status, and having a girl who can stand you enough to want to publicly display her love for you says a whole lot. The above girl  has capitalized on this idea, and will now take your hard-earned $5 to be your Facebook Girlfriend for one week. Any takers?

This is Natalia’s exact quote on her ad: “I will change my “relationship status” to ‘in a relationship with__(enter your name here)___’ for an entire week (7 days.) I will also comment on your facebook wall to make your ex and all your friends jealous.” I have a feeling that’s the best picture she’s ever taken in her life and that it took her 10 minutes to pick it out. Still though, nice smile, nice cleavage, cool looking room. Not bad.

From one social media guru to another, much respect Natalia. Just make sure you stick to your original offer. The problems arise when you realize you can charge $10 if you throw in a kiss or $50 if you throw in a handjob. It’s all downhill from there. At the very most you can charge a couple of extra 5’s for using the words “sexy” or “so wet” in said Facebook comments.   Hope all goes well, Natalia. Your semi-whoredom should be an inspiration to women everywhere.

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