This Thing Lets You Charge Your Laptop With Your Own Sweat and Tears


Once you start living off campus, and the Beer and Liquor drowned feelings of freedom start to subside, you realize something: Energy bills are fucking expensive. Electricity, gas, water, hundreds of dollars a month to maintain the status quo. Meanwhile, you are walking to class every day, working out, boning, throwing all kinds of valuable energy output to the wind. Good news, however. All that wasted kinetic energy doesn’t have to go to just disappear into a couple of free weights or some girl’s…bedroom. Work up that shit and then save it for your laptop with the nPower Personal Energy Generator.

bike generator

This thing is ugly as shit and most-likely not the end all, be all of the personally generated energy generator. But it sure beats a stationary bike and I can’t even imagine the potential impact. The way it works is suspiciously simple. All you do is theow it in your bag and do what you do normally. Walk around, bike, work out. No word on whether or not you can strap it on your back during a nice long bang session, but hey, why not? You can continuously top off the power supply through your own movement and when time comes, plug it into whatever needs charging. Wirelessly of course.

With all the jumps and strides in mobile technology and the ongoing trend towards maximum accessibility, it was only a matter of time before power supply was made to be just as accessible as your Facebook page. Add to that the growing cost of fossil fuel based energy and the negligible steps that have been taken to lighten our reliance on it. This company is making the first attempt at tapping the only renewable energy source you can always count on: your own flesh. Get it here: nPower PEG

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