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It’s 10:30 PM on Friday night and you’re on your way home from a lecture a philosophy professor made you see. The only thing running through your mind is “how fast can I get home so I can make it to the bars with my friends.” The realization starts to set in that it’s impossible to make it home, get ready and make it to the bars before last call, so you step on the pedal.  Now, you’re doing 80 in a 65 mph zone. Just as you are about to take the exit back to campus, you see flashing lights. The officer walks up to the car, “Do you know how fast you were going back there? License and registration please.”

It’s a terrible situation to be in because not only will you get an expensive ticket, but you will get points on your license.  It sucks, especially if you happen to be a guy.  However, if you know what your doing, its not such a terrible situation to be in for girls.  There are a few sure fire ways to get out of a traffic ticket:

1) Cry. What is the one thing your father, brothers, guy friends, old boyfriends and former bosses have taught you girls? Men HATE when girls cry.  It makes them feel uncomfortable and want to run away (trust me, even if they aren’t the direct cause of the crying, they find any possible way to escape). Like all other guys on the planet, male cops feel uncomfortable when a girl starts crying.  Just turn on the water works, which should not be too hard since you are already scared out of your mind, and the rest is easy. How are you going to give a traffic ticket to a crying girl?

2) Act Scared. Fathers tell their girls to be careful on the road at night because its dangerous for girls to be out alone late at night and you never know who is out there.  I personally do not see what is so dangerous about being in a moving car alone.  (Its not like a killer could run up to the car and kill me) Even though it does not make sense to me, every other male believes its not safe for girls to be driving alone at night, so a cop will believe you when you say, “I’m sorry officer.  Its really late and I was scared of being on the road.  I was just trying to get home as soon as possible.” The officer will fall for your  damsel in distress act and let you off with just a warning, and most importantly, no traffic ticket.

Jessica Alba getting traffic ticket

3) Flirt.  It seems obvious right.  Guys cannot resist a pretty girl who seems interested.  It works at the bars when you are trying to get a guy to buy you a drink, so why not translate it to the road.  Unbutton your sweater a little, toss your hair around and laugh at every thing he says.  Eventually he will not even remember why he pulled you over and certainly not give you a traffic ticket.

There is never a reason for a girl to get a traffic ticket.  Try these little suggestions next time and you will be out of it in no time!

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