Dannon Sprinkl’ins, Super Soakers, & Salute Your Shorts


Since alliteration worked out so well last time, I decided to stick with it. Today we’re gonna bring you backs to days of innocent tomfoolery with snacks your mom bought you, a toy she refused to buy you, and a show she couldn’t stop you from watching. Boo ya – It’s Throwback Thursdays.

Dannon Sprinkl’ins


So that’s how I used to get tricked into eating yogurt as a child. Of course when you put colorful sprinkles on something, kids are automatically gonna like it…or at least like the idea of it. It’s only after you actually buy and taste it that you realize that the sprinkles do absolutely nothing for the flavor, and that you rather be stuffing your face with chocolate pudding.


Super Soakers


“Wetter is better!” Such amazing advice from Sarge, the old school mascot for Nerf’s Super Soakers. But these weren’t any plain old water guns for little girls: these were the XP series, which I can only imagine stands for Extreme Pressure. There was a gauge that let you see how much air you had pumped into it, and if you had the massively large version that resembled a freaking machine gun, you could seriously mow down your friends with water. No wonder I was never allowed to have one…


Salute Your Shorts

Ahh, one of many shows that made me obsessed with farts. Nickelodeon’s Salute Your Shorts gave us Donkeylips, Camp Anawanna, and helped popularize the old “boxers on the flagpole” routine. The show only lasted for two seasons, but was syndicated for another six years after its demise. How you make 26 episodes of a show last for eight years is beyond me, but  regardless – enjoy the incredibly memorable theme song.

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