Throwback Thursdays: French Toast Crunch, Koosh Basketball, and Animorphs


Every week it gets harder and harder to think up of old crap from your childhood, yet every Thursday I come back because I enjoy the nostalgia as much as you do. Maybe it’s about time people starting sending me stuff they wanna see on Throwback Thursdays, but know this: I’m going to humiliate you if it’s something I’ve already done.


French Toast Crunch


Why the fuck did they get rid of French Toast Crunch? It was seriously one of the most fantastic cereals ever made, and it came and went before most people even realized it existed. I’ve searched the entirety of the Internet and I can’t even find a reason for why it was discontinued. WHY GENERAL MILLS? WHY?


Koosh Basketball


So sue me, there were never any commercials for Koosh Basketball, so this kinda lame compilation of some bored-as-fuck college dormers doing trick shots will just have to suffice. Everyone used to have one of these things back in the day. You’d hang the hoop from your door and spend all of your time laying on your floor lackadaisically tossing the world’s weirdest invention – the koosh ball – at it. It was way more fun than doing my homework. I wonder where my Koosh Basketball hoop disappeared to…




Okay, this one you might have to rack your fried brain cells to remember. Remember the weird little wormy aliens that took over peoples bodies? And somehow 5 kids and an alien centaur have to turn into animals in order to fight them? And that one kid Tobias who got stuck as a hawk for god-knows-how-long? Yes, somehow I remember those vague details, but not from the show – I’ll admit that I read the first few books when I was much younger pain in the ass. This show though, looking back on it this show was just absolutely terrible in every way. I’ll prove it to you with this BONUS video:


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