There’s so much old school crap for Halloween that I didn’t even know where to start for this week’s Throwback Thursdays. I picked out some nostalgia-invoking spooky stuff that will appeal to your creepy Halloween senses. This weekend, enjoy the sloppiest, sluttiest college holiday there is.


Count Chocula


Okay, I’ll admit that never have I ever actually had Count Chocula, but that doesn’t mean I didn’t enjoy seeing it on grocery store shelves, or seeing its campy cartoon commercials on TV. Feel free to correct me if I’m wrong, but I suppose they’re like the chocolate version of Lucky Charms, right? Wanna know who never got the credit he deserved? Frankenberry.




I never used a Ouija board. My dad was always against completely useless games that made kids believe in all sorts of hocus pocus, plus the fact that by the time I was old enough to have one computers had all but made the “game” completely irrelevant. How did you win Ouija anyway? Can you win? Did people really spend $20 on a piece of cardboard and a magnifying glass that did absolutely nothing?




Yes, I know Goosebumps was a series of books first – by R.L. Stine…duh. But I wanna focus on the show because realistically, who the fuck actually read those books? I never had to buy one, borrow one, or attempt to read one because I knew there was a television version of all the best stories that I could watch, and it’d be at least twice as scary. Take for example, The Haunted Mask, which still creeps the fuck out of me til this day.


BONUS VIDEO TIME: As a special Halloween treat, you get the entire Goosebumps “The Haunted Mask” episode:


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