Throwback Thursdays Holiday Edition Part 1: The Entire Ninja Turtles Christmas Special


There’s so much retro holiday junk out there that I’d have a hard time fitting it all into all 52 Throwback Thursdays of the year. So I’ve decided to cut out all of the crap you’ll probably watch on ABC Family and just give you the meat and potatoes of the festive season in a few weeks. This week I’m gonna force you to watch all of “We Wish You a Turtle Christmas.” Prepare to have your childhood ruined.


Part 1


Were you expecting some witty commentary here? I think these videos speak for themselves. If you don’t already wanna kill yourself, watch part 2.


Part 2


Had enough yet? No? Okay, see if you can muster the courage to get through part 3 without driving a fork through your skull.


Part 3


I guess by now you can tell that I enjoy ruining the festive season. Happy holidays everyone! Come back next Thursday for a second round of terrible holiday throwbacks.

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