Throwback Thursdays: Mondo, Crash Bandicoot, and Bill Nye


Another week, another Throwback Thursday. This week we put you in touch with your inner nerd: sugary drinks, an awesome video game, and a creepy dude who taught us all how hurricanes work. Let’s get to it!



Ahh, sugar and water! That’s essentially what Mondo was, and that’s exactly why I drank it: for the excellent sugar rush that followed. It gave me super human strength and the stamina to power through any injury. I’d fly through the monkey bars, fall on my ass, and keep running around despite bloody palms and knees. It’s like PCP for kids! The best was when Mondo introduced color-changing liquid into mix, so you felt like a magician as well as a crack addict.


Crash Bandicoot

Crash Bandicoot was an anomaly in video gaming. I have no idea what a bandicoot actually is, but I can safely assume that it doesn’t look or act anything like Crash. This game was essentially the Mario of a new generation, where you made your way through all sorts of different environments, getting lives and power-ups (boo-bida-gah!), all whilst trying to stop some big-headed dude named Cortex from doing some unimportant evil deed. Go whip out your old Playstation and play that shit, I know you still have it.


Bill Nye The Science Guy

I forgot how rockin’ that theme song was. It makes me wanna fist pump and shout “Bill!” over and over at the top of my lungs. The best part? You got tricked into learning by cool theme music and a super nerdy guy in a lab coat. OWNED.


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