Throwback Thursdays: Puff Daddy’s “Victory,” Game Genie, and Can’t Hardly Wait


You don’t wanna read my bullshit rant about how this Throwback Thursday is gonna the sickest yet. I’m sure you can already tell how awesome it’s going to be just from the headline. So let’s skip the theatrics and jump straight into the action.


Puff Daddy – “Victory”


This epic music video is actually more like a mini-movie. It’s 8 minutes long, features both Biggie and Busta Rhymes, and oh yeah – guest stars Danny DeVito and Dennis Hopper. God knows I couldn’t actually tell you the storyline, but there are helicopters, skyscrapers, an awkward opera singer, and Busta Rhymes owling on a gargoyle while dressed like a giant bird. Can’t make that shit up.


Game Genie


Let’s be honest: you cheated in every game as a child. You used the health and ammo codes in GTA, hit random buttons to unlock special abilities in NFL Blitz, and cheated to get to any world in Sonic – but for those games that were harder to crack, there was Game Genie (or Game Shark, depending on your preference). These code cracking cartridges used to be all the rage, but now that gamers are experts at modding consoles, fucking with game physics, and whatnot they’ve been rendered kinda useless. So it goes.


Can’t Hardly Wait


In the late nineties, the teen movie genre took a very interesting turn: all the gay John Hughes Breakfast Club-type stuff disappeared and was replaced by semi-realistic party movies that were filled with tits, taboos, and PG-13 to R ratings. Case in point: 1998’s Can’t Hardly Wait, which starred Seth Green as that wanksta guy, Jennifer Love Hewitt as the popular girl with a heart of gold, and Nick Papageorgio from Vegas Vacation. Plus a whole bunch of other no-names and cameos, but that’s not the point.


BONUS VIDEO: Seth Green as Kenny Fisher, getting all gangster.


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