Throwback Thursdays Steve Jobs Edition: iMac, First Generation iPod, and Toy Story



Former Apple CEO and innovative genius Steve Jobs has passed away, but don’t let it get you down. Instead, let’s remember all the good things he gave us: The guy helped shape the digital generation and changed the world forever. In celebration of his life, it’s Throwback Thursdays: Steve Jobs Edition.




I really wanted to put the Macintosh II on here – you know the gray box with the big-ass floppy disks that possibly helped you learn about pulleys and levers and shit in the second grade – but then I realized that more college students would get nostalgic for this big baby: the first iMacs, complete with useless colored shells. They were loaded into every classroom in elementary school for educational purposes, but let’s be honest – all you did was play Oregon Trail and Sim City 2000 on them.


First Generation iPod


Jobs changed the game in 2001 when he introduced the iPod to the world – over the next 10 years it would go through several variations and completely take over the mp3 player industry. But this old school version existed before there were even color screens or touch-wheels. Hell, you couldn’t even play videos on there. The iPod led to the iPhone, which in turn led to the iPad, and now mobile computing is faster and more prevalent than ever.


Toy Story


In 1986, Steve Jobs bought Graphics Group, the Computer Division of Lucasfilm. He changed the name of the company to Pixar, and the rest is history. 25 years later, Pixar movies have earned 26 Oscars and grossed $6.3 billion worldwide. And Toy Story is the movie that kicked it all off. It was 1995, and I didn’t realize how remarkably groundbreaking Toy Story was at the time. Gimme a break, I was only a kid. Today, cartoon movies are a thing of the past – they have been permanently replaced by computer animation, and Hollywood is now capable of making any movie 100 times more ridiculous using CGI.

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