Throwback Thursdays: Surge Soda, Moon Shoes, and Dinosaurs


Throwback Thursday is back with a badass new logo and some badass old school stuff for your nostalgic pleasure. Let’s hop on into this time machine and travel back to when Sugar Ray ruled the earth. Get your Old Navy Performance Fleece on and let’s reminisce about the good ol’ days.


Surge Soda


Surge was a citrus soda that I can only guess was Coca-Cola’s equivalent to Pepsi’s massive hit Mountain Dew. Unfortunately, when you give soda names like Surge, or Jolt, you’re more than likely preemptively dooming the product. No mother wants their child drinking something that basically says “I’m pure unadulterated sugar, DRINK ME!” Mountain Dew on the other hand: fantastic branding.


Moon Shoes


Ahh, moon shoes, they’re like the Sock’em Boppers of feet. Not that you punch your friends in the face with them, but they share a similar disregard for child safety. If you ever got the chance to experience Moon Shoes, then you know that it’s like trying to walk around on a trampoline…the only difference is that then you fall on your ass on a trampoline, you bounce right back up. You weren’t so lucky with Moon Shoes – especially if you were trying to bounce around on a hard wood floor. One wrong step and you would break your face…or sprain your ankle.




Dinosaurs – the show that taught you to hit your father with a frying pan and shout “Not the mama!” at the top of your lungs. Well, that and the ever-famous “I’m the baby, gotta love me.” But hidden beneath the simple nonsense of the aptly named Baby were incredibly complex storylines that shadowed our own society’s problems. Such is the way of Jim Henson. The most memorable episode in my opinion: When Robbie starts shooting up ‘roids and turns into an acne-ridden freak with all sorts of anger problems…classic.


Wait, there’s more. As a bonus, I’ve included that whole episode in two parts. Check it out below:



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