Tang, Dreamcast, and Wee Sing in Sillyville


This Throwback Thursday is gonna bridge some generation gaps. Each one of my three nostalgic items has been carefully picked and plucked from time to touch a different group of people. So not everyone might appreciate this whole thing, but maybe you should learn about what the college students before you liked as kids. Check it.



Dude, Tang’s been around since the 50’s. Astronauts drank that shit in space. Then NASA thought “oh fuck, we can make money selling this orange crap to kids” and hence: TANG. If you weren’t around when Tang was a thing, it came in powder form, and you shoveled it into some water to produce this orange, watery mixture that didn’t really taste like orange juice at all. It didn’t even taste like orange soda. It was just tangy, orange water. If this wasn’t your generation, you didn’t miss much.



Sega consoles were always the shit. They were so ahead of their time and I don’t even know if anyone even realized it. Think about it: Gamegear – a color handheld that existed years before Nintendo’s GameBoy Color, Sega CD – a disc add-on to Sega Genesis, Sega Saturn – the first major 32-bit game console, and this beast, which predated Xbox, Playstation 2, and Gamecube by YEARS. The Sega consoles all did less than mediocre here in the states, but maybe that’s because no one was ready for how futuristic they were.


Wee Sing in Sillyville

Grad students, I’m calling your name right now. If you were born in the 80’s/have older siblings, then chances are you’ve seen this movie at some point in your life. You might not even remember it until you watch it. Go ahead, tell me you don’t remember those guys and their sweet fake beards. There’s a good chance you might call me lame for posting this, of all things, but as a child this film had a profound effect on my life. Get high and watch it, I guarantee you’ll enjoy the fuck out of it. Mad life lessons stuffed into a little, colorful, half-retarded package.

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