Throwback Thursdays: The Real Slim Shady, MTV’s Singled Out, and Independence Day


You may or may not have noticed something different about today’s Throwback Thursdays. The childish crap has been replaced by some awesome crap that you’ll probably like more, for two reasons: 1. The old formula of Snack + Toy + TV Show was getting old, and 2. I was starting to fun out of stuff to use. So without further ado, I present to you to new Throwback Thursdays.


Eminem – The Real Slim Shady


Let’s start this new formula off right – with the song (and accompanying music video) that helped to ruin the minds of an entire generation. No wonder Tipper Gore wanted to censor the shit out of the Slim Shady LP, that album is seriously disturbed, and I love every murderous, foul-mouthed minute of it. Eminem made everyone wanna go out, bleach their hair, and be juvenile deliquents, so for that I thank him. If it wasn’t for him, I wouldn’t have lit so much crap on fire.


MTV’s Singled Out


This one might be a stretch for all the younger college students out there, so I’ll explain: Singled Out was MTV’s try at remixing the staple 70’s dating game, with a bit of a rowdy college flair. Ever wonder where Jenny McCarthy got her start? Well, now you know. Chris Hardwick is in there, too – you know, that guy who hosts G4’s Web Soup…yeah, his life took a very different direction than his smokin’ hot co-host’s. I would attempt to explain more, but you might as well just watch it and figure it out for yourself.


Independence Day


Everyone remembers the apocalypse movie that kicked off the apocalypse movie trend. Aliens come down, fuck shit up, and the only thing that can save the human race is a ragtag team comprised of president Bill Pullman, cocky pilot Will Smith, Woody Allen-wannabe hacker Jeff Goldblum, and straight up hillbilly Randy Quaid. I actually have no idea why this movie is famous – looking back on it, it’s kinda half-retarded. But the digital effects were legendary for 1996, and for that it will live on forever. By the way, did you hear they’re working on a sequel to Independence Day? True story. Way to go Hollywood.


One thing that survived the change was the BONUS VIDEO. This time, you get Bill Pullman’s inspirational speech from Independence Day:


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