Tie Yourself Up in Success, A Windsor-Windsor Situation

A core value of any Campus Socialite is to take pride in his or her appearance and give off an air of confidence and self-assurance in any and all settings.  A major part of developing your own unique look is perfecting certain elements of style and incorporating them into your outfit whenever the right situation presents itself.  For any classy gentleman, and Diane Keaton, the necktie is a cornerstone of your wardrobe and one constantly is seeking out the perfect knot.  The search is over Socialites; to end your quest for the knot of champions just read on and start practicing.   

Before I get into the nuts and bolts of tying the king of knots, I’d like to share with you a real rags to riches story.  This tale starts out at a university much like yours and features a boy who probably is not all that different from you.  This boy was built for the college life, he could drink like a fish, smoke like a chimney, and bang like a cymbal… it was only natural that we would join the fraternity of his choosing.  After securing a bid with ease, he was told to be at the frat house for a welcoming party later that evening and dress to impress…translation: suit up.  Panic set in like a bad case of heart burn following a Premio hot sausage as this well-rounded kid had it all except one key attribute: he never learned how to tie a tie.  All of his life his father would tie his ties for him and he would simply leave them tied in the rare occurrence that he needed to wear them again.  How in the world would he find his way out of this pickle?

Using the strongest weapon in his arsenal, his mind, the boy collected his thoughts and got himself to the campus mall to find the best looking clip-on tie money could buy.  Upon his arrival at the house, our protagonist was pleased to see that he was, as usual, the sharpest dressed cat in the room and he smiled thinking that he had gotten away with the crime of the century: wearing a bogus tie to his first night in his future fraternity.  His smile soon turned to a frown when a shadowy figure dimmed the lights and instructed all pledges to take their ties and wrap them around their eyes to use as a blindfold.  Well, from there you could guess where our boy earned the nickname “Clip-On” for the remainder of the semester.  If you hadn’t already guessed, that poor son of a bitch was me and I still haven’t lived down my clip-on catastrophe but soon after I taught myself how to tie the most baller knot known to man – the Full Windsor.

Fit for royalty and known as the “don of all neck ties,” the Full Windsor screams professionalism, class, and elegance all in a simple knot.  Just follow the steps below to adorn your neck with the only form of jewelry that comes in silk – the Full Windsor Knot. 

Step 1:

Position yourself with tie in hand in front of a mirror

Step 2:

Turn up the collar of your shirt and do up your top button. Drape the tie around your neck with the main seam facing inwards. The wider end should be on the side of your dominant hand, so if you’re right handed it goes on the right side, and if you’re left handed, on the left side.

Step 3:

If you look carefully you will see a seam on the front of the narrow end of the tie.
Cross the wider end of the tie over the seam. This will ensure that when finished, your tie is the correct length and reaches to your waistline.  Wearing it too short or too long will not look good.

Step 4:

“Up, under, over”

From the starting position pass the wide end up through the middle of the loop around your neck.  Bring the wide end to the right, then pass it under the knot to the left side. Thread it over the loop around your neck again, and back to the right.

Step 5:

“Across and Down”

Throw the wide end across the knot to the right and up through the loop around your neck. Finally thread the wide end down through the middle of the knot.

Step 6:

Tighten the knot by holding the narrow end and sliding the knot up. Turn down you collar and take your time to do any final adjustments.

Step 7:

When taking off your tie, slide the narrow end out and undo the knot. Don’t just loosen the knot, and pull it over your head, this will damage the fabric.    

Let these seven steps act as your guide whenever you need to slap on a tie.  Don’t make mom and dad cry when their baby boy’s yearbook picture features you in one of those novelty tuxedo t-shirts.  Master the Full Windsor Knot and show the world that you mean business.  For a hands on demo of how to tie a Windsor, check out the video below with master knotsman and all-around pimp Clive Gilkes. 


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