Tiger Woods received over a year of scrutiny, lost his marriage and permanently tarnished his reputation because of his elicit affairs with multiple women. He went out on a regular basis looking for the best looking (sometimes) girl in the room, approached her and then brought her back to his hotel and made women out of her. This happened over and over again and once he was caught and we all found out the blow-by-blow of his conquests, Tiger Woods had become the unofficial ladies man of our generation. He stood up in front of all of his detractors, gave a statement and admitted what he had done wrong.

Tiger Woods

Brett Favre is still pitched as the All-American hero, complete with his TV spots for the rugged Wrangler jeans. When confronted with his own sex scandal, albeit an unsuccessful one, Favre simply pleaded the fifth. Because of this cowardly move, he was fined $50,000.00, or the equivalent of 1/6 of one game check. All of this because he didn’t have the “game” that Tiger had. Had he possessed any skills whatsoever, he would have successfully cheated on his wife with Jenn Sterger. Instead, she shot him down and his wife stuck by him, turning the other cheek to the rumors. There is no doubt in anyone’s mind that Brett Favre must have been successful at some point. We are supposed to believe that this is the only time he ever texted his junk to a women other than his wife who’s breast cancer only recently went into remission? How many nights out in hicktown USA bars has Brett spent trolling for ladies who like small penises? Two female masseuses who worked for the Jets during Favre’s time with the team have now come forward saying that he made inappropriate advances towards them as well. They also shot him down. This is like if Monica Lewinsky would have given Bill his cigar back and said “no thanks, I don’t want to become famous overnight and instantly upgrade my job description”. The man literally couldn’t take candy from a baby.

Brett Favre

Tiger Woods is now hated by women everywhere, (wives, mothers and daughters alike) but is loved by most men who respect his dominance on the golf course as well as in the nightlife scene. Favre is now, on the other hand, hated by both sides. Men hate him because he proves that having all the money and fame in the world doesn’t guarantee that you get laid. This is the dream we have all held onto for our entire lives. One day, we will make it big in our respective field and will then be able to use our money and influence to finally snag that tall blonde. But, if Brett Favre, possibly the greatest Quarterback of all time, can’t do it then what chance do we have?

Tiger Woods

God Bless you Tiger Woods, for keeping the dream alive.

tiger woods

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Tiger Woods 1 Year Later

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