Tiger Woods Returns @ The Masters

By: The Campus Investor

1:42 pm EST, Thursday April 8th. Where will you be? More than likely in front of a TV watching Tiger Woods tee off at the first round of the Masters. Woods has apparently been cured of his “sex addiction” and cleared himself to play the game that he loves so much. Tiger answered questions earlier this week from the media on everything from his personal life to PEDs and, oh yeah, a few golf questions as well.

Tiger will be paired with K.J. Choi and Matt Kuchar, two golfers sure to be distracted by all the hoopla that will be surrounding Tiger’s first round of golf in nearly five months. The Masters is a unique event, unlike any other PGA tour events since they don’t allow the media or photographers on club grounds. This is surely one of the reasons why Tiger chose to return for this major.

ESPN will broadcast the Masters and score huge on the ratings for Thursday & Friday. If Tiger is in contention expect the highest Masters ratings in history as CBS takes over for the weekend. Before the Thanksgiving car accident Woods was always a major draw on TV especially in majors. And now, as bad as it sounds, the American public always loves a comeback, even if it is from someone as slimy as Tiger.

Tiger’s odds at winning the Masters are 9-2, unusually high for someone of his caliber but given the circumstances it’s understandable. As I’m writing this article yet another woman has come forward to talk about her affair with Woods, this one being the youngest by far. 22-year-old Rachael Coudriet lived in the same private community as Tiger in Windermere, Florida. Talk about being lazy, come on Tiger at least move out of your area!

Regardless of what Tiger does or doesn’t do this weekend on the golf course, he has been able to continue to do one thing, make just about EVERYONE care about and watch golf. Take note at 1:42 pm tomorrow as to how many people you work with will be watching Tiger tee off, these aren’t your normal everyday golf fans either.  Enjoy the action.

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