Pornstar Devon James alleges that she is in possession of a sex tape starring Tiger Woods and herself. She is meeting with production company Vivid in the hope of selling the tape for $350,000.

“The tape is 62 minutes long and 37 minutes of it is us having sex” says James. That means that if the tape is ever released, you folks out there are going to have to sift through 25 minutes of awkward golf ‘n’ porn talk just to see what all of these ladies kept coming back for.

That is…if the tape even really exists. James’ mother claims that her daughter is a pathological liar. And although I’d love to believe Devon James, the mere fact that she is a pornstar (and an admitted drug addict) automatically lessens her credibility in my mind. Devon James also claims that her 9-year old son is the illegitimate child of the professional golfer, and that she had a threesome with him (Tiger, not her son) when she was a hooker in Hawaii.

Then again, in the past Tiger’s lawyers have secured court orders barring publications from printing alleged nude photographs and videos of their client. So there’s always the chance that, even if this sex tape does exist, it never sees the light of day. Sorry, perverts.

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