Time To Dust Off The Old Super Nintendo Cartridges. This Thing Exists


You ever worry sometimes that those precision skills you spent years crafting in Ken Griffey Junior’s Winning Run and Donkey Kong Country are slowly diminishing as the days of dormancy go on. It is something that has caused great anxiety for me, and every time I pass that big cardboard box collecting dust on my basement floor, I think the 11 year-old child inside me, pwning all his friends in Mario Kart, sheds a tear. You can imagine my unchecked excitement when I happened to stumble upon this piece of 21st century technology. Screw the iPad, all I want this year is a SupaBoy.

super nintendo

If you were to break down the tech explosion into specific, ongoing threads, one of them would surely have to be the transition of once complex and sationary technologies into mobile ones (i.e. Movies on your phone, Wireless console controllers, etc.) Back in the days of Super Nintendo, the best you can do on the go was the pixel and color challenged Gameboy. Super Nintendo might have been obsolete a long time ago, but who’s to say it shouldn’t be included in the mobile revolution? Somebody answered my question for me, by making a portable console, shaped like an SNES controller, that will allow you to plug in your old cartridges and go HAM on some Super Mario World.

super mario world for snes

If you aren’t sweating through your hoodie in aspiration right now, you had a deprived, pathetic childhood and should sue your parents for lots of money. Hate to be the one to break the news. They can release all The Call of Duties and Gears of War that they want. It won’t change the fact that some of the greatest games of all time were released on NES, Sega Genesis, and Super Nintendo. The fact that the only way to play the games up until now is to spend possibly more than $150 (upcharge for hipster vintage quality) on a new console is a crime. Thank you SupaBoy. Sega, step it up.

Get it here: SupaBoy Portable Pocket SNES Console ($80)



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