Tips for Students and Grads Starting a Law Career

If you think that a law career might be the thing for you, then you have to start preparing early. Law school requires more than just the usual from the regular student and, if they’re not adequately prepared, they can end up disappointing themselves.

On top of that, if you want to have a place in today’s law job market, you have to be one step ahead of all other people. For example, while everybody’s considering becoming a business lawyer, you should look into just as profitable and enjoyable positions, such as employment lawyers.

Pristine Academic Record

First of all, you don’t need the best academic record in your class or in your entire college. That’s a misconception, as law schools look for candidates from all backgrounds and with a diverse set of skills.

Instead, they’ll take a close look at extracurricular work, your various skills, LSAT scores – obviously -, as well as at the reasons behind your wish to practice law. In short, you need to create an ideal academic record to ensure a successful law school application.

Follow Law Courses

Law courses are sometimes provided to college students, as a part of various activities or as optional standalone courses. Naturally, if you fancy law, then you shouldn’t think twice before enrolling in such a system.

Usually, these might not meet your expectations, but they offer you a proper introduction to law schools, how they work, and so on.

Choosing the Right Major

For potential law students, the right major is a challenging one. Why? It’s because it will help you develop responsibility, as well as the right work ethic for the law environment.

On top of that, difficult majors will train you more for the real deal that is practicing law. You’ll be pretty much forced to not only learn new sets of skills but also to improve critical thinking, writing, and the art of argumentation.

Student Government

If the college you’re studying in comes with a student government, you should join it. In fact, you should enter any club, group, or activity that somewhat boils down to playing the lawyer card, if we may say so.

A student government, for example, gets one accustomed to the process of creating and drafting laws. It will also make for an experience in your applications.

Be a Job Shadow

With the right friends, acquaintances, or wit, you can quickly get to accompany a lawyer for a couple of days and see how they work. On top of that, being a job shadow may also allow you to enter the court and attend a trial.

Luckily, you might also rely on your college for this particular thing, as some do come with a career services office.

The Bottom Line

As you can see, the college life of a potential law school applicant is not that easy. Given what law itself implies and how many years it takes to master it, you should consider the point above, even from your first or second year of college!

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