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by: Ricza Lopez (Buffalo State College)

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My NYC heads where you at? I know for a fact that those who live in the Tri-State area definitely have came across Hot 97 or Power 105.1. I have been listening both of these Radio Station for as long as I can remember and while both of them are similar, each of them has their own distinct differences that make them different-Caribbean wise…We just have to know where it first started off though and that is with Dahved Levy over at 107.5 WBLS playing some good reggae, soca and calypso music. 
Moving on to the present, I listen to Hot 97 more than Power 105.1 because of the variety of the music that is given especially Reggae and Soca. They play more Caribbean music than Power 105.1 does. My only issue with both of these Radio Stations is that sometimes when they play a Caribbean song, it’s not in a good blend ( I blame my many DJ friends for giving me these “DJ ears” that I have). I will gladly give you an example too, I was listening to Power 105.1during the summer last year and this is the lineup that they gave me: Aaliyah-One in a million, Elephant Man-No Linga and then some other J. Holiday song, I was like what in the hell and then my friend who is a DJ told me that that’s automation for me, I find this type of format very ridiculous though. One thing I do give them credit for is the fact that they be teasing me with the Reggae, giving me a few snippets of tunes that I personally like-only to hear a good thirty seconds of it right when the “good part” was about to come on.

Hot 97 on the other hand, they play a few Reggae, Dancehall and then go to their rotation music which is good. They have definitely stepped up their game with the music but they can do better.One advantage that they have over Power 105.1 is the Soca DJ D-Life who definitely goes in to  release Soca right from Trinidad.  I was listening to them one time and they were like “And now a Hot 97 world premiere by Serani” and I’m thinking in the back of my head that I’m going to hear a Searni jumpoff that I never heard before, why on earth did I think this? Come to find out, it was “She Loves Me” (others refer to the song as “Rough Sex” but it’s whatever). I was like damn they are extremely late, shame on you guys, you guys are up to date with the Good Life Riddim but yet think that this Serani Song is up to date? Oh no…They have the upper hand because they have Bobby Konders, Jabba, D-Life and the whole Massive B Crew coming through very heavy (with “On the Reggae Tip) for the past couple of years while Power 105.1’s DJ Norie (with Anything Goes: Caribbean Edition) had just recently added to their lineup but his mixing is very and truly on point, who knows? Maybe he will reach the veteran status soon enough like the Massive B crew but let’s see what’s going to take place.

Both Radio stations are stepping their game up to ensure that the listeners get the best and up to date songs. While both are pioneers for promoting this kind of music heavy, it’s just sad that listeners have to wait until a designated day of the week to be able to listen in. Ironically enough, both shows stream on Sundays back to back but Massive B also has a one hour segment on Saturdays as well to reach out to more listeners. To listen to these shows make sure you check out Power 105.1 and Hot 97’s website and tune in to these shows when you get a chance and you decide who is the better Caribbean music Pioneer.
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