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Here are some of the top pop culture headlines in entertainment for today.

John Travolta Skis Sans Wife

John Travolta and 3 male friends were spotted at Stowe Mountain Lodge, skiing and breaking away for the holidays. Sketchy…his wife and 3-week-old child were NOWHERE to be found,  and the staff were told the visit was a PRIVATE one.

David Arquette in Rehab?

David Arquette had a wild night the other night…wild enough to land him in rehab. RadarOnline reports that Arquette was sprawled out in Skins strip club in L.A., dropping thousands of dollars on the dancers. This was the newly single Arquette’s (who recently got divorced from wife Courteney Cox) last hoo-rah before checking in to the Betty Ford Center. However, Courteney Cox appears to be standing by him as he goes through REHAB. She told PEOPLE that she admires him and that she “loves and supports him.”

Paula Abdul

Paula Abdul out of control

Paula Abdul is at it again. The former American Idol judge is officially out of control on the set of her reality show. She apparently regularly throws fits about everything and everything, ranging from refreshments to wardrobe changes. Abdul left the dance crew waiting for HOURS while changing clothes multiple times throughout her photo shoot. An insider says, “Paula has been out of control on the set. Her favorite phrase is, ‘I’m not happy,’ – and she’s ‘not happy’ a lot!” The insider continues, “She started with the food in her dressing room. When she didn’t see her favorite Jolly Rancher candies – she hit the roof. And when she had to go searching for Vitamin Water, she complained bitterly that she wasn’t getting the respect she deserved.”

Beckham Marriage Drama

Sources close to the fabulous Beckhams say Victoria is refusing to uproot the family from L.A. to London if David signs a deal with The Spurs in the UK, which he plans to do. After months of cheating gossip…could this be the end?

David Hasselhoff!?

After his reality show was just cancelled, Hasselhoff has landed a TV gig in the UK. David has been “terrorizing” the staff with some outrageous demands, giving the staff a list of demands before the show has even begun.

Phillippe and seyfried

Phillippe & Seyfried going strong

Ryan Phillippe and Amanda Seyfried are still dating, reports US WEEKLY. They were spotted in L.A. having lunch together, though the relationship is “NOT serious,” says a source.

Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez

After many rumors circulating throughout the very young celebrity world, teen stars Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez were caught kissing on camera during a weekend vacation.

Best Dressed of 2010

USA TODAY has named their best dressed celebs. On the female side, we have Rihanna, Victoria Beckham and Cate Blanchett. The men include George Clooney, Justin Timberlake and Jay-Z.

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