The Campus Socialite Needs a Woman’s Touch.  I am Amber Starr and I’d like to sexy things up a bit.

Finally.  Can you say, collapsible heels?  In my past experiences, a collapsible heel meant I broke my shoe and it’s time to get a new pair.  But the age old dilemma of how to make it through a night of dancing, partying, or just a long romantic walk without going through agonizing foot pain has been solved. The Mary Janes Collapsible Heel Shoe.

When us girls choose our shoes for the day or night there are many factors that need to be considered.  Are the shoes for work?  Are the shoes for play?  Are the shoes for play at work?  Am I going to be playing after work?  How much walking, how much dancing, and how much pain can I handle?  How tall is the guy I am with?   Will I be waking up at his place in the morning, walking back through the quad in full daylight in last night’s outfit?  All of these issues can be resolved with one minor advancement in modern technology.  The Collapsible Heel.

Think about it…  You’re on a blind date, you walk in to the restaurant and you see the guy sitting at the table, he is lucky if he is pushing 5 ft 7.  Do you turn and run?  Or make it the best situation for all parties involved and drop the heel.   Situation 2… Your at work, wearing your heels of course, after work comes happy hour, after happy hour you meet a guy who wants to take you for drinks, the drinks turn into dancing.  Now doesn’t that seem like a lot on your poor little feet?  So after dancing and before he walks you home, you drop the heel, ahhhh so comfy, yet classy.  Love it!

If you are just as obsessed with Sex and the City as I am, you, me and Carrie Bradshaw all know, that us women have a right to shoes! When we see a pair of shoes we can’t stand to live without, there’s only one thing running through our minds. It wasn’t logic, it was love.

These new shoes are a must have in all collections and I can’t wait to hear about the other designers that are creating them.  Any Campus Socialte/Campus Diva knows that just like Mike, it’s all in the shoes.  😉

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