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Because, there are just too many hot celebrity men, to only have one list of 10.

The Reality Star

Brody Jenner

Although he has a slight obsession with the word “homie” I could do without, there’s no denying Brody Jenner is a cutie. As the sexiest Hills cast member in my opinion, (however, when you’re using Spencer Pratt as a comparison, I suppose anyone would look good), he always seemed to pull my attention away from any plot drama and focus it onto his adorable antics. We’re just going to have to all learn to forgive him for his little stint with “Bromance”, because let’s face it, not many people could have pulled off starring in a show with such a concept, quite the way he did. And while it would be nice to know that he is on the market, (which, sadly he’s not) I won’t lie and say that I wasn’t rooting for the whole Conrad-Jenner relationship notion, because I definitely was.

The New-Comer

Taylor Lautner

In the beginning I was reluctant to accept Jacob as a contender for Bella’s affections, but now I must admit I’m finally beginning to see the appeal. Don’t get me wrong; book-wise I am 100%, without a doubt Team Edward all the way. But, in the movies, it’s kind of hard to look away from Mr. Lautner over here. For his role in the upcoming New Moon installment of the Twilight series, he completely buffed up, and I know we all took notice. With abs like that, how could we not? I’m not saying I’m switching teams, I’m a loyal Cullen fan; I’m just wondering if Ms. Meyer would be willing to incorporate a new love interest into the mix… I’m available.

The Geeky Stud

Adam Brody

I guess it’s my recent re-obsession with The O.C. that has brought upon all of these references to him, and even though it’s been in awhile since we’ve seen him in action, I just couldn’t let another list go by without mentioning the beloved Seth Cohen. His sweet, innocent demeanor, his quick-paced, effortless dialogue that alludes to his obvious intelligence and his quirky charm, which gets me every time, contribute to his overall allure. Yes, that’s just the character he plays on TV, but, there was a reason for the show’s overwhelming popularity; and… it wasn’t just to see Ryan Attwood clad in jeans and a wife-beater having steamy make-out sessions with Marissa Cooper every other episode. Not to mention, Brody did manage to attract the attention of another OC character favorite, the stunning Summer Roberts. The two dated throughout the series on and off camera. So, this endearing geek if you will, also proved to be the ultimate stud.

The Trekkie

Chris Pine

Perhaps, not the typical category to be proud of, but when it’s awarded to you after having starred in one of the most successful movies of the summer, it’s definitely worthy of a pat on the back. I can’t say that I was ever big on the whole Star Trek craze, but I did rush in line to see this movie and yes, it was for Chris Pine. Those gorgeous baby blues, just the right amount of scruff, and the perfect smile… he’s definitely the guy to look out for these days.

The Comeback Kid

Canning Tatum

He disappeared for a little while, but now he’s back, and we can all breathe a collective sigh of relief. He lured us in with Step Up, and it wasn’t too hard, he was the “bad boy gone good”, an appealing character trait, not to mention we learned he could dance. A major bonus. Then there was a short hiatus, but with GI Joe on the horizon, it seems that Channing Tatum’s trip back to the silver screen will be an explosive success. And no not just because he looks beyond incredible in the latest GQ spread, although that’s certainly a plus, but the movie looks like a cross between Transformers and an intense Superhero action movie, and it’s bound to put Tatum back on everyone’s radar for good.

Most Versatile (Beauty and Brains)

Andy Samberg

It’s kind of impossible not to love Andy Samberg. He’s cute, hysterical, and seemingly brilliant to execute his comedic styling as well as he does. Perhaps he’s not considered a “beauty” in the technical sense of the word, but he has an intriguing look and killer personality that makes you want to get to know him. And I’m sure once you do, the laughing fits never stop. Whether he’s pairing up with Justin Timberlake for Dick In A Box or MotherLover, or he’s hosting the MTV Movie awards, he’s just got it. The cuteness factor, the charm, the charisma, the sweet disposition, and the intelligence… what else is there?

The Innocent One

Daniel Radcliffe

When he was first cast as the role of Harry Potter, I remember thinking to myself, wow, they couldn’t have possibly chosen a more perfect look-alike to the Harry I imagined in the first book. I was definitely impressed with the casting director’s choice. I could never seem to look past that though. He was just always a little nerdy boy with glasses: great for the part, yes; a sex symbol in the making, I didn’t think so. However, with each passing movie, he grew up a little more. But it wasn’t until Half Blood Prince that I finally realized Daniel Radcliffe is kinda hot. Still on the nerdy side, but I think a lot of us have a soft-spot for that type of guy. So, cute definitely, but, innocent, you may ask? I mean, how innocent can he be if he was working desperately to shed himself of the Harry Potter image and was willing to bear all in the production of Equis? Well, here’s the thing, and I think you will agree with me when I say, he could pose naked on a billboard in Times Square, and still he will always have his reputation of innocence yet unparalleled bravery that we have come to accept from the J.K. Rowling inspired character. And the best part is, I think now he’s okay with that, and I know we are as well.

The Do-Gooder

Brad Pitt

Most of you were probably wondering how we could have left him off the first list. Well, I have to admit to my own personal grudges here, I am a big Jennifer Aniston fan. And although his partnership with Angelina Jolie has absolutely agreed with him, and the duo known as Brangelina has set to conquer the world, I couldn’t let him off the hook so easily. But, you can only ignore a man like Brad Pitt for so long. We don’t even need to get into a discussion about his looks here, we are all extremely aware of his perfection. What strikes me the most about him these days is his ongoing effort to give back. Since setting out on a relationship with Ms. Jolie, it seems that Brad has followed in her footsteps in making the world a better place. His work on a housing project for the victims of Hurricane Katrina, as well as his support for campaigns such as the ONE campaign which works to fight against AIDS and poverty in third-world countries, have really made Brad quite the man to look up to. A humanitarian in every sense of the word.

The Gentleman

Jake Gyllenhaal

Great smile, hot body, adorable features and to be courting Reese Witherspoon, gentlemanly he would have to be. For years, Gyllenhaal has had the ability to capture our hearts. Never afraid to take on a challenging project, such as the controversial success Brokeback Mountain, and the psychological thriller Donnie Darko; his acting abilities are undisputed. Not to mention, he’s pretty easy on the eyes.  Speaking of which, have you seen the advertisements for his upcoming movie The Prince of Persia? Wowzers.

The Sexy One

Hugh Jackman

Well, after all he was ranked People’s Sexiest Man of the Year, and Jackman has definitely lived up to the flattering title bestowed upon him. There’s rarely a picture I find where Jackman is not entertaining one of his kids, (an adorable quality for all men) and thankfully there are also few pictures I find where he is wearing a shirt. I have to say, it’s kind of a win-win.

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