The Funny Guy

Dane Cook

Let’s be real here Divas. It’s okay you can admit it. Deep down, we are all looking for a hot guy. And Dane Cook most certainly fits the bill. With his sexy smirk, muscular build and captivating stare, he is completely swoon-worthy. However he adds a little something extra to the mix, strives where countless others fall short. He’s hysterical. And he’s not just a quick smile, soft giggle, and possible chuckle kind of funny either. I’m talking belly laughing, tear-enducing humor that makes you wonder, why can’t he act? No, but seriously, when it comes to the full package, Dane Cook has it all.  And I think it’s Mr. Big who summarizes it best,  “…The thing is this, after a while you just wanna be with the one who makes you laugh…Ya know what I mean?”

The Cutie Turned Hottie

Shia Labeouf


It’s quite clear that his days on Disney Channel’s Even Stevens are long gone. He has traded sweet Christy Carlson Romano as his television sister, for the gorgeous Megan Fox as his silver screen girlfriend; replaced arguing with his family to battling with Transformers. He went from being known as the obnoxious, but lovable Louis Stevens to the full-fledged movie star we have all come to drool over. Shia Labeouf has certainly made quite the name for himself, and successfully made the transition from cutie to hottie. However, no matter how many fantastic action movies he makes, in my eyes, he will still always be remembered as the boy who threw the Hanukkah presents out the window.


The Bad Boy

Cam Gigandet

It’s true, it’s true, even though we may try to stop ourselves, we can’t help but love a good bad boy.  As Volchuck in The O.C. or James in Twilight, there is something completely and utterly irresistible about Cam Gigandet. It may be his sexy voice, rock hard abs, or incredible shoulders and back, if I had to take a guess. Or could it be his attitude, his indifference towards authority, carelessly smoking one cigarette, with another tucked behind his ear, that keeps us coming back for more? All I know is his role as an evil vampire certainly made me appreciate the dark side a little more.


The Older Man

Will Smith


It’s been almost 20 years since we first fell in love with him on Fresh Prince of Bel-Aire, and after that we were hooked. He can make us laugh, as he does in both Fresh Prince and Hitch, he is also capable of making us cry just as easily, like in one of my all time favorite movies, The Pursuit of Happyness. His versatility and phenomenal acting ability simply add to his already sweet, charismatic disposition. Lest we forget his hit music career, Switch, anybody…Getting Giggy With It, perhaps?  And the fact that with all of his success, he and Jada Pinkett Smith have stayed extremely devoted to each other just makes him hotter on our scale. She is one lucky lady. Yes he’s getting up there in age, but he will always be on our list.


The Pretty Boy

Chase Crawford

Hmmm… what better word is there to describe Mr. Crawford than pretty? He is the definition of a gorgeous man. His killer smile coupled with his perfect nose and sweet eyes make for a stunning face. Then you have his side swept hair, which seems like it would hold up perfectly in one of those running-your-hands-through-it tests. Having said this, I think for many of us, it wasn’t by accident that we stumbled into the Gossip Girl craze.


The Boy To Take Home To Mom and Dad

Ryan Reynolds

Now, I don’t usually like to play favorites, but in this case, I am left with no choice. We have now come to my personal “most wanted” man on the list, Ryan Reynolds. For those of you thinking…what, out of every single guy you choose Ryan Reynolds…? Now, I have a question for you, have you seen Definitely, Maybe? Because that was the deciphering factor for me.  Not only is he so blatantly gorgeous, with a flawless body, and sexy gleam in his eye, he is sweet and loving and the all around-good guy from what I can tell. The perfect candidate to bring home to the parents. Yes, I have reached the point where I go to see a movie that looks terrible, just because he’s in it. And no matter what the movie is like, I am never disappointed.


The Athlete

David Beckham

Whether or not he can actually play soccer is a debate we can leave up to the Socialites. But for the Divas, David Beckham is the perfect athlete to watch, and I’m pretty sure the picture explains why. Not to mention, he is British, and what girl doesn’t dream about being swept off her feet by a man with an accent? So, while we want him to make his assists, and maybe even score a few goals on the field every once in a while… I think we are all just really hoping Armani doesn’t have any plans of dropping him from their ad campaign… ever.


Mr. Sensitive

Ashton Kutcher

Who would have guessed that at 31 years old, seemingly untamable Ashton Kutcher (The man who played Kelso!) would have completely settled down? Faithful husband to Demi Moore, and father figure to her children, Ashton has become the poster ad for fidelity. And we love it. His Nikon Camera ads still prove that he’s got the looks, What Happens in Vegas showed us he hasn’t forgotten how to make us laugh, and his commitment to his family, convinced us of Ashton’s sensitive side.


Most Talented

Justin Timberlake

Since his days in *NSYNC, Justin has wowed us with his amazing vocals, impeccable dance moves, and awesome beat boxing skills. Then he moved on to his solo career and continued to impress us every step of the way. Both Justified and Future Sex/Love Sounds produced multiple singles, which dominated the charts.  If you haven’t seen it by now, check out The What Goes Around Comes Around Music Video, because you will be in awe. I like to consider myself someone who’s pretty good with words, but for the life of me, I cannot describe how hot Justin is in this video, it’s just something you absolutely must see for yourself.


The Teen Heart Throbs

Zac Efron/Robert Pattison

We couldn’t quite make the call here. There are not many guys who can make an entire room full of girls scream simulatenously, quite the way both Zac Efron and Robert Pattinson can. Since High School Musical, Efron has been the apple of every teenage girl’s eye. And can you really blame them? And although he started out in Harry Potter, his latest role in Twilight has launched Pattinson into superstardom. His sultry stare, and Vampire-esque qualities have left us all thirsting with anticipation for the next movie. I think these two have rightfully earned their spot on this list, because with Efron’s latest box-office success with 17 Again and more Twilight movies in store for Pattinson, they are both here to stay.


Well, that’s it Divas. Our Top 10, well I suppose, 11 Hotties. Any more suggestions? Leave us a comment. We’d love to hear form you.

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