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So you have been working on this cute girl now for a while. You hooked up at the bars a few times, been going back and forth with text messages, even a Facebook poke or two. But how do you bring the girl back to your apartment or dorm and seal the deal? You’re not going to just whip it out and ask her to touch it, so you need a plan.

The age old, “let’s go back to my place and throw on a movie” is generally the go to way to get her back to the bedroom. But an amateur might think he’s won and is definitely getting laid tonight. Hold up my friend, you still need to choose the right movie. The correct movie choice is imperative to sealing the deal and you can either make a tragically wrong or absolutely right decision.

Today we are going to fill you in on the Top 10 Movies That Will Seal the Deal. If you go by the following list, make sure you have a condom handy. If you want to venture out of this list, because you are a rebel and like to think for yourself, then do me and your girl a small favor and read tomorrow’s list of the Top 10 Movies That Will Ruin Your Chances.

When Choosing your DVD, remember your ABC’s: Always Be Closing!

10. Love and Basketball

Strip Basketball.  That’s pretty much enough said.
9. 10 Things I Hate About You-

One of the ultimate chick flicks that guys don’t mind watching.  Just make sure she’s not going to get all sensitive and sad when she sees Heath.  That could ruin the mood in an instant.
8. Jerry Maguire

You had her at hello.  If not, then open your bedside draw and show her that “kwan” you got in there.  That should do the trick.
7. Wedding Crashers– 

Lock it Up.
6. Hitch- 

The whole movie is about hooking up, Will Smith shows his vulnerable side when he falls for Eva Mendes, douchebag guys making you look good, this one should be a lay up.  But don’t forget to get the girl coffee in the morning before she wakes up.  You don’t want her wishing she was with Hitch instead of you.
5. The Girl Next Door

Loser guy gets the hot girl next door to fall in love with him… it’s in the bag.  But if you can’t find the right time to move in for the kiss, just wait till the song Lucky Man comes on by the Verve, no girl can reject you while that song is playing.
4. Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind– 

Throw this one on when you pick a girl up at the library or Starbucks; it shows your deep, sensitive side, and that you’re not all about Die Hard movies.
3. Varsity Blues

High school cheerleaders, whip cream bikinis, football jocks, and James Van Der Beek from Dawson’s Creek. Come on.
2. The Beach-

General rule: if you go with Lucky Leo, you usually get lucky. But, if that alone doesn’t work, how about an island paradise, beautiful girl, and great sex on the beach scenes. And if you have yourself a hippie chick on your hands, then she’ll be wet the minute they show the field of marijuana.
1. Cruel Intentions

The undisputed champion of leading to sex movies. If you haven’t seen the first 15 minutes of this movie at least 10 times then you’re probably doing something wrong. Go back and read our article on Flirtexting or something.

Honorable Mention: Garden State, Romeo & Juliet, Titanic, Sex and The City, Wild Things, Armageddon, 50 First Dates

There it is.  Print this out, fold it up, and keep it in your wallet.  Don’t forget to check tomorrow for the movies you DO NOT WANT TO PUT ON when you finally get the girl back to the bedroom.  If you think we missed a movie and you have a “lock it up” film, let us know in the comments below.  If they are good, we’ll add them to the Honorable Mention list.  Share your secrets, don’t worry we’re all Campus Socialites here.


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