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Hey all you Campus Socialites! I am sure everyone goes on Facebook at least once a day to see the cool new status updates and awesome profile pictures that people have changed. However, has there ever been a time that you were surfing the book and you came across a picture and felt the need to say “WTF?”

Facebook is fun to use to catch up with old friends, post cool status updates, and tag fun photos. Other than that please do not make your profile picture completely inappropriate, after all, first impressions count the most.



10. Ultrasound Photo

Okay, so we know you are having a baby…very cute. However, we do not need to see the black and white photo as your profile picture. Please, save the picture for your wallet or refrigerator.


9. Breast Feeding

Feeding your baby is appropriate because the baby must eat. Posting a picture of your baby with a nipple in its mouth is not… unless that nipple is attached to a bottle.


8. Ass

Save that junk in the trunk for your boyfriend, in the bedroom, ALONE.


7. Your Cute Child, Sister, Brother, Cousin, Dog,

Whatever…relax. It’s cute okay? Like I said, put it in your wallet.

6. Ronald McDonald?

Whoa, this is taking a cheeseburger and French fries to a whole new level… WTF? I have heard of girls taking pictures with famous people… but Ronald McDonald? I mean, especially one who looks that creepy?

5. Taking a Shit?

Okay, so I have heard that some guys like girls taking a “dump” on their chests, however, please refrain from posting a picture of you on the toilet. There is a reason there is a door to a bathroom.


4. New Burger King Man

That’s hot.

3. Girl or Guy?

What are you going to be doing with that orange? Hopefully not making it your profile picture.

2. Should You Be Doing This While Driving?

Mirror pictures, bathroom pictures, and driving dangerously while taking a disgusting cleavage picture? SAVE IT.

1. Graduation?

This is mildly inappropriate…

Campus Socialites, what is the most inappropriate Facebook profile picture you have ever seen?

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