It is known that before we die we need to have sex in crazy, off the handle hot spots. Whether it’s with your significant other or a one-night stand, print this out and try it out. Why not? You only live once… right?

Places To Have Sex: Place Of Worship

 Oh please don’t even tell me you’ve never wanted to use a torah as a bed sheet or a bible as a headrest.

Places To Have Sex: In An Elevator

It’s simple, pull the emergency stop button (if there is one) and during the few hours alone- get it on. I mean if you want to try something new.

Places To Have Sex: Central Park NYC

Come on just do it, if you would rather hide behind a tree do it up, if you don’t mind being a European for a hot, be brave. I’m sure people would love to see live porn.

Places To Have Sex: Nail salon/Chinese massage

What do you think they are talking about when they speak to each other in another language? Do you want a happy ending? Politely ask if you and your loved one can have a “couple’s massage” then lock the door and do a quickie. If you’re feeling really kinky, give the little lady an invite, I’m sure she’s experienced.

Places To Have Sex: In Parent’s Bed

Do this when, and only when, you decide to conceive. Rumor has it that when you fuck in your rents bed, you will get pregnant. So I suggest, if you are about to have a one-night-stand at a random house party, make sure you go into the sister or brother’s bedroom.

Places To Have Sex: Join The Mile High Club

its simple, just not in the cockpit, no pun intended, HA.

Places To Have Sex: On A Paddle Boat On The Ocean Waves

There are a few rules with this one: A) Do not go crazy unless you want your ass flying off the boat B) You must be careful with the paddle… if you’re feeling naughty you can use it as an ass tap (men), but be careful not to bruise C) Don’t do anal because god forbid the bitch bleeds…shark attack.

Places To Have Sex: At Work

Call your significant other (or whoever the hell you want) and shimmy your way under the table. This move really depends where you work. For instance, if you work at McDonalds maybe this isn’t the right place for you. Why do you think Ronald McDonald is the way he is? This is really meant for an office building or a place where you can easily get into a room. Whether it’s private or during a meeting that’s your choice. Ladies, if you want to get a promotion you know what to do.

Places To Have Sex: In A Tanning Bed

You only have 10-15 minutes. It could be sexual, but just make sure your tan is even, girl on top for 5 minutes guy on top for 5 minutes. Doggy style just will not work unless you want your ass hole burnt.

Places To Have Sex: On Top Of A Building

Don’t fall because that would just kill the mood… or kill you. For a good time let the semen fall on someone’s face… they won’t know what hit them.

Hey Campus Socialites what are the best places YOU have ever had sex?!

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