Top 12 First Date Ideas that are Unconventional but Works

We all know planning the first-date is always the most challenging part of any new romance. The dilemma is always, should you pick something outright simple, like a meal at a restaurant over coffee or drink, or do something out of the box, for which you may be remembered for a long, long time. Regardless of the choice you make, we know one thing for sure: when you plan your first date, you are trying to make an impression to get a chance to be with them on the second date. Well, do not stress. We have your back. Here, in this article, we have compiled a list of some of the best things to do on your first date that will surely help you leave your mark on your partner. So, let us get started and take a look at these first date ideas one by one.

Go for a walk

Daisy, an assignment help provider, shares that she and her then date and now husband went for a walk on the first date. Well, it is a brilliant idea, and that is why we have listed it right at the top of the list. However, despite that, many people do not like to take their dates for a walk. Ask them why, and they will say it looks too simple. Well, trust us when we say this, you do not have to do something complicated to impress your date. The only way you can impress your date is by your skill of holding a conversation. If you are someone interesting and the person you take on a date is fun, you both will have fun. So, for two fun people to have some fun and get to know each other, even a walk down the lane works well. The only ingredient that you need for your date’s success is to ensure that they want to know more of you or hear more from you at the end of it. Now, while you two are walking together, you may be tempted to talk about your past relationships on your first date a lot of times. One piece of advice – Do not do that. That is simply the worst topic of conversation for the first date. So, instead of dwelling on the past, you should enjoy your partner’s company and make the most of the time you have with them.

Show off your moves at the bowling alley

You can now bring out your competitive streak by going on a fun first date with your partner at the bowling alley. It is not only an impeccable way to impress your date with your strikes, but you can also use your time in-between the throws to get to know your date better.

Go for a workout class together.

Be it box fit or Zumba, a workout class together is indeed one of the best ways to get your heart racing. More so, the endorphin dose, which your body provides you with, will ensure that your first date indeed ends at a high.

Go golfing

It may be a couple of years since you went back on the golf course, but golfing is a kind of game, which only gets better with time. When the two of you start playing, ensure that at least one of you is keeping a tab on the score.

Travel to a museum together

In my view, there is no better way to spend the first date than going to a museum, shares Jessica, an online chemistry tutor. Well, we hundred percent agree, museums can be one of the best first-date. The good thing is that most museums are affordable, free, or accept donations. It is a great way to understand the other person’s inclination towards art and life based on art.

More so, if you are an introvert and do not know how to start a conversation, museums can be a good choice of date for you as it is the best way to kill any awkward silence. There will be so many things around you in your museum visit that can be your perfect communication starter. More so, several museums have a tiny café inside. So, when your museum date goes well, you can sit down for a bit and grab a bite to take your conversations further.

Head to the farmers market

There are more than a few reasons why going to a farmer’s market on the first day is always a great choice. The first and most obvious reason is that farmer markets are public places. So, yes, you are safe. More so, if you are a socially-nervous dater, being in a farmers market will give you so many things to discuss. You can discuss everything from the jam preferences to the fruits and flowers as you walk past the market together. If your date is going great, we recommend you to pick some ice cream, fruit, or coffee and sit down somewhere where you can drink or eat together. But, if your date is going exceptionally well, you can pick a bunch of ingredients, and then and there, plan your second date, where you can prepare or cook using the ingredients you picked together. In any case, if the date does not go well, you have the perfect way to excuse yourself. Tell them these are the fresh ingredients, and they must be put away at the earliest to prevent rotting, and you can leave.

Go on a tailored picnic

Grab a nice, clean spot wherever you two are meeting, and then swing by a take-out restaurant or a grocery store for a quick eat before you set up a camp for some conversation and food with your date. Of course, you do not have to splurge a lot here. Picnics are meant to be very simple, and it is all about getting to know the other person and not impressing them with the truffles wrapped in gold foil.

Go on a trivia night

It is one thing that overshadows the traditional conversation over the drinks. Several pubs and bars organize trivia themed night. So, if you are good with historical and pop culture knowledge, this can be a fun date option for you. Who knows, you might end up impressing your date with your knowledge and competitive spirit.

Go boating

To be honest with you, the idea of sailing on your first date itself is something that is not recommended at all. However, going for something milder, such as row boating, canoeing, or going on a paddleboat ride with your date on a warm sunny day, can work great for the two of you. Janet, who offers data visualization online courses, shares that when she went on a paddle boat date with a guy, they both ended up being soaking wet, but it was one of the best first date experiences that I have ever had.

Volunteer together at a soup kitchen

Moira shares her first date experience stating that her first date started at 5:30 AM where she and her (now) significant other served breakfast at a soup kitchen. Well, this is not only an impeccable way to get to know your date well, but it is also the right way of giving back to the community. Many of you may find this idea weird, but we see no reason why giving back to the community should ever be a bad idea. If there is no short-order volunteering opportunity or a soup kitchen near you, you can still be creative as there is always someone in the community who could use some help.

Attend a comedy show

One of the best ways to understand your partner’s romantic compatibility is by understanding their sense of humor. So, what better than attending a live comedy session? You may not get the time to talk a lot, but you can indeed find out how compatible your sense of humor is.

Go rock climbing

Want to take your relationship to new heights? Bring out your adventurous side, and schedule a rock climbing date. It can sure have both of your adrenaline pumping.


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