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Top 15 Ways To Make Your Final Preparations Easier

By: Ricza Lopez (Buffalo State College)

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Don’t you just hate when that time of the year comes? Yes, yes, we are aware that it isn’t always a good thing, but it happens to everyone and it’s a fact of life. What did you think I was talking about? I know people dread studying for finals- it’s a universal feeling. There are many ways to overcome this type of anxiety, especially when the date is near and these tests determine your grade for the semester.  It is known that how one chooses to study varies from person to person. Whether you like a quiet type of atmosphere or a noisy environment, below are some tips that can ease the stress of studying:

1. Get a massage

2. Study with some soothing music

3. Pick a quiet place in the library where you know you will not hear footsteps or outside noise

4. Avoid studying with TV’s and laptops in the way (big trigger for distraction)

5. Avoid studying with friends (you will definitely talk about things that have nothing to do with that science or math!)

6. If organizations on your campus are having relaxation nights, be sure to attend

7. Make some flash cards

8. Study with a classmate, tutor or in a study group

9. Instead of reading over that PowerPoint or handout, re-write your notes, it helps out with memorization

10. As crazy as this may sound, try to come up with some wacky song or poetry to help you remember your notes.

11. Be sure to study in increments and not hours on end; take breaks to relax your brain.

12. Do not cram all information at once! Study little by little. You do not want to do all that studying and then go blank right before you are about to start a test.

13. Study the hard subjects first

14. Make sure to start studying at least one week before the final and not the night before

15. The most important thing of all, GET SOME SLEEP. Do not try to pull an all-nighter, you want to be able to for the least make it to your final. On top of that, lack of sleep is not healthy.

Now, there must be something on this list that you can identify with and apply for these finals to make sure you earn that grade that you want. With those tests right around the corner, keep your head up. Happy Studying and best of luck on those finals!

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