By: Elan Saratovsky

Tired of being maced by the sorority girls in your class?  Well rub those red eyes so you can read this list of some of the lesser-known wildcats in the sack.

Miss Softball

Just because she is a pitcher on the field doesn’t mean she won’t be your catcher in the sack. She may punch ten times harder than your high school bully, fart more than any of your friends and have the ability to throw you over her shoulder, but when you get past the facial hair and the Macho Man Randy Savage façade, you have nothing less than a firecracker in the bedroom.

The Albino Girl

Yea, she has the same hair color as your grandma but she doesn’t have dentures. The lack of outdoor activities just makes her thrive for a young stud. If you can get past the white hair, pink eyes and red skin, you got yourself a keeper.

The Over 40 Sit In

She might be your mom’s age, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t deserve the college experience. She looks like a Twisted Sister groupie who used too much hair spray, but like a fine wine – she gets better with age. If your professor isn’t already trying to hit it, put some work in and maybe after whoopee you’ll get an ice cream sandwich for being a good boy.


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