Top 5 Apps To Quit Smoking In 2021

Smoking is one of the leading causes of preventable disease and death in the U.S. Nicotine is hard to stop relying on and craving. There are options out there to help you quit smoking and one of the tools at your disposal is your smartphone.

We have found the best apps on iPhone and Android devices that can help you quit smoking through different techniques and treatment plans. These apps have great reviews, high quality, and can help you quit your habit one day at a time.

Smoke Free

This app has 20 evidence-based techniques that will help you quit smoking for good. You log your cravings and then you will get tips to help you manage them. As a bonus, you get insights into craving patterns and graphs to help monitor your overall progression. You also have the option of participating in a rigorous scientific experiment that will help more people quit smoking successfully.

Download Smoke Free On Android or IOS 

Quit: Hypnosis Program to Stop Smoking

This app helps you stop smoking through hypnosis. The app can be downloaded onto your smart device. You are then guided through daily meditations to help you eliminate the habit of smoking and vaping forever.

The software also tracks how much money you have saved since you quit smoking as well as how many days you have gone without a smoke. These features are rather empowering because you get to physically see how much better your life is. It is an easy to use interface and it is based on research that 29% of people are less likely to start smoking again once they have used hypnosis to quit smoking in the first place.

Download Quit: Hypnosis Program to Stop Smoking on IOS or Android 

Quit Tracker

Quit Tracker is a popular app that tracks how much money you have saved since you quit smoking. It is free to download but it comes with in-app purchases.

It is a motivational app that will track how close you are to living a smoke-free life. You are also able to see how quickly you can start enjoying the health benefits since you quit.

Download Quit Tracker on Android


EasyQuit is a free app that you can download onto your smart devices. It allows you to watch all aspects of your health improve, from your blood circulation to your oxygen levels and even your sense of smell and taste. The ‘slow mode’ will help you stop smoking slowly. You can customize a plan that is just right for you and your smoking journey.

Download EasyQuit on Android


This is a free app to download but it does come with in-app purchases as well. The app does make quitting easier for you because it helps you focus your energy into four main sections:

  • Your new ex-smoker status
  • 70 ex-smoker achievements that keep you motivated
  • A strong ex-smoker community
  • Your newfound health improvements

You do not feel alone in the quitting journey with this app. It will help you stay motivated and help you realize how much you have gained in life since you quit smoking.

Download QuitNow! On Android or IOS

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