By: Meredith Sparks

Three of these men are extremely talented, but their douchiness overwhelms all other positive attributes they might possess. The other two men are so narcissistic that they actually have become celebrities because they are douchebags.  Men should learn from their mistakes and do their best NOT to act like them.  After the jump, The Campus Socialite proudly presents to you the Top 5 Celebrity Douchebags of the past year.

1. Kanye West

Kanye blew us all away with The College Dropout and Late Registration, but that was no reason for him to declare that “George Bush doesn’t care about black people” during a benefit concert for Hurricane Katrina.  He had bitch fits when he didn’t win Best Video at the MTV Europe Music Awards in 2006 or any of the 5 awards he was nominated for at the 2007 MTV Video Music Awards.  Most recently, he interrupted Taylor Swift’s Best Female Video win, which has led to West’s immediate disappearance from the Hollywood scene.  You know you’re a douchebag when the President of the United States calls you a “jackass”.  West has even managed to find a girlfriend that is just as douchey as he is, the trashtastic Amber Rose.  There’s no doubt that Kanye West has overcome several tragedies, including a 2002 car accident in which he severely fractured his jaw and his mother’s death from complications following cosmetic surgery in 2007, but he could definitely use some humility in his life.

2. Spencer Pratt

Who hasn’t hated Spencer since he first appeared on the The Hills in 2006?  He ruined Heidi’s relationships with pretty much everybody in her life and even his former best friend, Brody Jenner, found that Pratt’s douchiness has evolved to a level that was no longer tolerable.  He has played the consummate villain on The Hills and on I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here!  Their vomit-inducing, pre-planned paparazzi shoots land them in almost every tabloid and Spencer is by far the biggest publicity seeker in Hollywood.  He is the ultimate narcissistic non-celebrity who is utterly talentless and he is the epitome of all things revolting about the American celebrity.  You know you’ve reached a new level of douchiness when Al Roker calls you a “jerk” on Good Morning, America.

3. Jon Gosselin

Jon Gosselin is number 2 to Spencer Pratt’s reigning talentless celebrity.  While I’m not denying that Kate could be a bit of a bloodsucker on Jon & Kate Plus 8, Jon has turned the tables following their divorce and has gone from Kate’s ball-less victim to supreme prick.  His appearance just screams tool from his beer gut to his gelled hair to his diamond earrings, and, finally, to his Ed Hardy wardrobe.  Following Kate’s divorce filing, Jon went bonkers and was seen with every trashy whore from the Hamptons to the South of France.  He recently stole over $180,000 from he and Kate’s joint account and has managed to appear in every tabloid magazine and on every entertainment television show.  Both his former wife and his former employer, TLC, are taking his ass to court.  Did I mention that he is friends with Lindsay Lohan’s delusional dad, Michael Lohan?  Oh yeah, and he drives a motorcycle.  He needs to disappear from the limelight, get some help and be a good father to the 8 friggin’ children he produced.

4. Chris Brown

Chris Brown had an enormously promising career as one of Young Hollywood’s most talented R&B artists, several endorsement deals and a gorgeously gifted girlfriend until he decided to beat the living shit out of the stunning Rihanna.  He was immediately dropped from all of his endorsement deals and exiled by all women in media, including Oprah, which means that his career is pretty much donezo.  All of his apologies have been bullshit, especially his appearance on Larry King Live, in which he claimed that he couldn’t remember knocking Rihanna into next week.  Chris can go ahead and cry his little heart out because we all know what happens to wife beaters.  Brown should have paid attention to Hollywood history and he would have seen that the simple fact is that there isn’t any room in Hollywood for Ike Turners or Chris Browns, but Tina Turners and Rihannas are in hot demand.

5. John Mayer

Mayer is Hollywood’s tooliest serial dater and he is known as the bad boy crooner that breaks the good girl’s heart.  He’s hit and quit Jennifer Love Hewitt and Minka Kelly and he’s been the cringe-inducing rebound for Jessica Simpson following her divorce from Nick Lachey and Jennifer Aniston following her divorce from Brad Pitt.  Mayer doesn’t do discreet and he has no problem with kissing and telling all of America.  He is the frat boy who never grew up and he is undoubtedly the most immature douchebag in Hollywood.  The Grammy-winning artist takes time to write stupid, catty songs about his ex-girlfriends and idiotic stand-up that he uses to entertain die-hard fans aboard his John Mayer cruise.  Mayer also has a fondness for neon unitards and velvet dinner jackets.  Gag me.

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