One of the greatest ways to pass time and make some memories is to go to concerts. College students, especially, tend to go to lots of concerts. You know the kinds of venues you prefer, and many times, concert tours stop in nearly every state before they go international. When you’re studying abroad, how awesome would it be to check out a concert in a different country? That doesn’t necessarily mean you have to go listen to one of their cultural performances. Many main stream artists we listen to in America tour throughout Europe, too. But do they tailgate? Do they have outdoor venues? How does the crowd act? We don’t know. After the jump, we’ve compiled a list of the top 5 venues to check out throughout your worldly endeavors.


Right in our own country. MSG, for those of you not from New York or are just unfamiliar with the venue, is the biggest arena in Manhattan. It’s where the Knicks and Liberty teams play basketball, where hockey is housed, and where nearly everything else being played in New York City will take place. Great place for a concert, but if you chose to go here to see someone, splurge for the more expensive tickets, because if you get certain seats – like on the sides of the arena, closer to the stage – you’re screwed because seeing the concert becomes an issue.


When Wembley was reopened in 2007, it gave itself a prominent space on the London skyline. Not only home to English sporting events, this outdoor venue has been nicknamed the Stadium of Legends because when music talents make it over the pond, they break all kinds of crazy records. When Michael Jackson performed here, he made the Guinness Book of World Records. It has also been a very popular venue for performers like the Beatles, Madonna and the Rolling Stones. I bet that’s a cool place to check out if you’re in London. Maybe Lady Gaga will be there since she’s starting up another tour.


This is the largest place in Sydney to see concerts and is ranked by multiple sources as a “top-notch” concert hall. It’s by far the most famous landmark in Australia, let alone one of the most recognized venues worldwide. Originally, the venue was used as a movie theater to show surfing movies. Once it was realized how good the acoustics were inside, the venue was converted from a movie theater to a concert hall. Now, there are seven concert halls within the Opera House. And for those of you who value this as much as I do, guests are allowed to bring alcohol inside the venue.


This building used to be considered the largest dome structure in Europe, which I find surprising with all of the Duomos in Italy, but hey, I’m no architect. Festhalle hosts international events of all different types. But generally, this is where is recommended in the Frankfurt area to see concerts. Like in Sydney, guests can bring food and drinks inside the venue, as long as drinks under 0.5 liters. Cameras are also allowed in this venue, unless performers request no pictures. If that’s the case, your camera will be confiscated when you enter Festhalle and you can retrieve it when you leave. I wonder how Germans reacted when Destiny’s Child – throwback! – performed there. I’m laughing thinking about it.


You know what’s funny? You can guess where each of these venues are located based on their names. Wembley sounds like a tennis term, like Wimbledon; Sydney is a city in Australia; Festhalle just sounds grumpy like the rest of the German language; and Slane Castle is definitely something Irish or Scottish. Anyway, this one differs from the others because it is an outdoor concert hall – my favorite. Surrounded by huge gates, a ballroom and “rolling hills,” the Castle is slightly secluded and has welcomed performers such as Bob Dylan in the past.

So if you have the opportunity to see a concert while you’re studying abroad, wouldn’t it be great to see how other countries get their music on?

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